pet steps and ramps: prevent injury and joint pain in your chihuahua!

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joint problems in chihuahuas can range from minor pain and inflammation to more serious conditions such as hip dysplasia, arthritis and rheumatism. factors that can cause joint pain are injuries, aging issues, poor nutrition, a lack of exercise, obesity and genetics.

what are the signs of joint problems in your chihuahua?

the most obvious sign of joint problems is when they are having problems with daily activity. for example, they can’t get up on the couch, go up stairs, jump onto the bed and even get up on our laps. they will also tire faster on walks and play for shorter periods of time. they may also hold their limb up or funny while refusing to do activity.

awkward movements, stiffness, whimpering when getting up or standing, irritability, swelling or thickening of the joints and even refusing to be stroked or petted are also signs of joint problems. it’s not that they don’t love you, they are simply trying to tell you they are in pain. do not try to force them to participate in activity as it can worsen problem.

what can you do to prevent injury and help alleviate joint pain?

pet steps and ramps are the perfect solution for helping your chihuahua get up on to furniture, into bed and in your car. they will once again be able to reach their favorite places without jumping or with human assistance. they are a must for older or chihuahuas with disabilities.

pet steps are easy to travel with and prevent us from hurting our own backs when trying to pick up our chihuahuas. they come in many sizes, materials and fashions, some are heavy duty and others are lightweight.

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dry eyes in your chihuahua: kerato-conjunctivitis sicca

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chihuahuas tend to have eyes that are more prominent or protruding than other dog breeds so it’s not uncommon for them to develop the eye problem known as dry eyes.  dry eyes usually develops in middle-aged or older chihuahuas and can occur in just one eye or both eyes.

dry eyes is medically termed kerato-conjunctivitis sicca (kcs), which means inflammation of the cornea and surrounding tissues from drying… why does this occur?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

what are the symptoms and signs of dry eye?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

what factors cause dry eye in chihuahuas?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

how can you treat dry eye?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

how do you know if your chihuahua will need corrective surgery?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

“read all about dry eye in chihuahuas in the amazing ebook, caring for chihuahuas made easy, breed information, health care and nutrition!  here is a sample page from the section on dry eyes!”

dry eye in chihuahuas


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chihuahua video: dangers of an obese chihuahua or overweight pet

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simply put, this pet video does an excellent job of explaining why an obese chihuahua is not only a major health concern, but also a life threatening risk factor. if your chihuahua is even slightly overweight, you need to watch this video in it’s entirety.

hills science diet weight loss system – FREE SHIPPING!

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please help: chihuahua suffering from home sickness

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dear famous chihuahua®,

please help save my mother’s chihuahua. my mom died about 1 1/2 yrs ago and her 10 yr old teacup chihuahua was living with dad until a few months ago. now she is living with a family friend and was doing fine for a couple of months, but i can see now that she is fast declining in health and we think it is from home sickness and her missing my mother.

what can we do to help her? she can’t live with my dad anymore.

if any of your readers have some advice, it would be very helpful.


please comment if you have advice that might help charlene, thank you.

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does your chihuahua have a health problem?

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pssst… we just wanted to let you know that our chihuahua health problems page is now available to our readers … we hope the information in it is helpful to chihuahua owners who have a chihuahua that is experiencing discomfort which could be health related…. now please shush as mommy sings a sweet lullabye to teaka the famous chihuahua as she sleeps so peacefully…… zzzzz….

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precious muffin, the amazing blind chihuahua

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precious muffin the amazing blind chihuahua

muffin the blind chihuahua is a testament to the truth that pets with disabilities make amazing companions. little muffin became blind from severe cataracts which led to retinal detachment. since this picture was taken, muffin has undergone surgery to remove both of eyes.

muffin’s family loves her dearly. her mommy was happy to share with us muffin’s  awe-inspiring story and what makes muffin the blind chihuahua so precious.

muffin and mommy

“our little girl muffin is a huge blessing to our lives. we adopted her from the SPCA when she was about 5 or 6 years old. she was completely blind from severe cataracts and was found wondering the streets at night by someone who then brought her to the SPCA. since then she has found her way into our hearts!

muffin is an absolutely amazing rescue chihuahua. we believe she is a happier chihuahua post-surgery because of all the discomfort she was experiencing prior to. since the day we brought her home, she has been able to find her way around the house and can walk all throughout the backyard and then find her way back to our sliding glass door.

knowing little about her back ground, we love and care for her the best we can. she is wonderful with children and isn’t afraid of other dogs. she only shakes when we go to the vet and during car rides. she loves to play with your hand and sometimes with her tail.

muffin’s favorite foods is chicken and fortune cookies. when she hears the refrigerator open she strolls into the kitchen. she knows this is where the chicken is! when muffin has to go potty, she will walk to the sliding door to let us know.

since both of muffins eyes are sewn shut, she often looks as if she is sleeping. we love muffin so much because of how much she has enriched our lives. she is so special that you forget that she has no eyes. she is particularly  fond of her daddy and is definitely daddy’s little girl.

muffin comes to work with me and everyone at the office loves her. she sleeps in her bed next to my desk like a good little girl. she doesn’t like to be left alone all day as she would much rather be around us – the people who love her unconditionally. we simply can’t imagine our lives without her!”

all chihuahuas are precious, even the ones with a disability. the message is simple. if you love chihuahuas, adopt one. read another amazing chihuahua story – put your paws here! samson the miracle chihuahua born without eyes

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