micro teacup chihuahua tan male

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it doesn’t get any cuter than a newborn micro teacup chihuahua discovering life for the fist time. if you’re in the mood for a cute teacup chihuahua video, then this is a must see!

looking for some more cuteness? check out our videos of teaka the famous chihuahua! these cute and hilarious famous chihuahua videos will have you rolling in laughter!

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naughty naughty famous teacup chihuahua video (NSFW!)

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let us formally introduce you to teaka the famous chihuahua

teaka is the very reason this site exists. the chihuahua face you see in the famous chihuahua logo was designed around teaka. her unique personality, humorous behaviorism’s and feisty little attitude has inspired this site in more ways than one. what can we say, we love our little ‘naughty’ mexican.

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