is there such a thing as a micro chihuahua? …a pocket chihuahua?

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is there is such thing as a micro chihuahua or a pocket chihuahua?  micro-size or teacup chihuahuas are usually the runts of a litter and tend to have a shorter life span and need more care than the average chihuahua.  some even need to be tube fed or bottle fed until their little bodies are developed enough and they can eat on their own.

do micro chihuahuas have more health issues?

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it is important to understand that it doesn’t mean that chihuahuas of this size don’t deserve love and care as all chihuahuas are special, but one can’t predict at birth how big a chihuahua is actually going to get as you don’t know if they will experience a growth spurt as they mature.

why do breeders sometimes market their chihuahuas as ‘micro’ or ‘teacups’?

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what is the normal weight and size of a healthy chihuahua?

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Comments 12

  1. Sam

    I have a Chihuahua whom I got from my aunt. We suspected that he was a runt since he was very distance from his siblings. He ended up being the runt. But just because they’re a runt doesn’t mean that they have all these health problems. My chihuahua had never had a health problem in his life and he’s 4 years old.

  2. Elle Hein

    Yes you are right, currently there is no designation for the tiniest of Chihuahuas. But you are wrong when you say “they are usually runts..” Through selective breeding, much has been achieved in the domestication of dogs. Our little Toy-o-da was the largest pup in the litter and is barely 2 pounds as an adult. He has no health issues and sired many diminutive litters. It is my understanding that when people refer to their dogs as “teacup” or “micros”, they are trying to tell you that they are smaller than average, not a separate variety.

  3. marilyn neff

    I have an adult male Chi who was born to a 1st litter. Dame weighed 2 1/2 and sire 3 lbs. My fully adult male I purchased for $600 and was told it would probably chart somewhere between 2 1/2 and 3 lbs. Considered a teacup. He is 15 and healthy and weighs 2 lbs/6 Oz’s. Luv my Chi boy.

  4. mandi

    this isn’t a lie i’ve seen first hand the effects that causes these small dogs to fight for their lives most with have liver problems of which there is no treatment or cure !! the person who said it was a lie and that it was being spread by a nasty person should look at the facts trying checking on some of the other sites that deal with their illnesses and conditions caused by people breeding smaller dogs for just more money they dont care that dogs suffer or that you may only have your pet a short while and the heartbreak that causes !! these dogs deserve better we wouldnt do to people so why to dogs they don’t have a voice so we must stop this happening !!!!! yes chihuhuas are small dogs but not as small as these “so called micro/teacup” the facts speak louder then words try looking it up as no major register will recognizes that term teacup !!!!

  5. julie tate

    well , you know nothing about dogs , so it pointless me trying to educate you about chihuahuas , chihuahuas has been in my family for 30 yr , long before i were born , their couldn’t have all been the runt of the litter because on their pedigree papers it says ” Teacup or miniature chihuahua , they varied in size but all VERY SMALL , i can tell your a nasty person because you can’t afford one , now stop telling lies your boring .

  6. susiep

    I wonder what you think of this person who sells these tiny dogs for outrageous prices. After reading your comments in the article about what the micro and teacup dogs are it made me wonder. They look good and healthy and happy, but I wondered what you think about this?

  7. alejandra gargiulo

    yo tengo una perra llamada CALLIA que pesa 1.100 kg, es decir un poco más de 2 libras. es la más mala de toda la casa , pero me adora y yo la adoro a ella. realmente no he tenido ningún problema de salud salvo que el veterinario me advirtió de no hacerla tener cría. no me interesa hacerla tener cría. lo único que me importa es amarla !!!

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