Chihuahua Lover Testimonial

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Hi, I really like your website. My little girl ‘wheezes’ sometimes, and I’m glad you explained what causes it, and how to help relieve it.Thank you for making such a nice website for those of us who are hopelessly addicted “CHIHUAHOLICS”!!! – Anonymous. �

Wheezing/Seizure-Like Episodes

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What to do When Your Chihuahua has Wheezing/Seizure-Like Episodes

My husband and I have a chihuahua named Bugsy. We found your web site while trying to find health information. We absolutely love it. Do you have any information about wheezing and their seizure-like episodes. Ours sometimes acts like he can’t catch his breath…Read More

Drooping Ears

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What to Do When Your Chihuahua has Drooping Ears

I have a 4 month old baby chihuahua.When she was 3 months old her ears stood erect, now only 1 ear is standing and the other droops. She was never injured so whyis this happening and do I need to tape her ear or will it correct itself?Read More

Madonna Dumps Her Chihuahuas

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Madonna Dumps Chihuahuas

Chihuahua Rescue News reports that Madonna dumped her three chihuahuas Rosita, Evita and Chiquita. The chihuahuas were found at a rescue shelter where little Rosita died a horrific death.

Why would Madonna, a women with power and resources, dump her chihuahuas instead of finding them the best care possible? Angry chihuahua lovers want answers. The two chi babies that did survive the trauma are now living in caring foster homes.