pei pei, the adorable toy chihuahua puppy from hong kong, china!

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“您好!”.. nín hǎo famous chihuahua®

my name is stella and i am writing to you from hong kong, china. this is my chihuahua puppy pei pei. he is only 4 months old, eats everything and loves to sleep on your lap! i got him from a pet shop a month ago. he is such a smart little puppy – he even knows how to ‘sit’ on command.

”pei” is a chinese pronunciation of the english word ‘skin’. we called him PEI PEI because his color is like the skin of a carton box and he has so much skin around his neck like an old person!

i was never big on the chihuahua breed before, but my husband fell in love with little pei pei at first site. he said there was something very special and unique about this chihuahua. we all love pei pei and now chihuahuas are one of our favorite breeds of dogs!

thank you for making our pei pei famous! china loves famous chihuahua!

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lacie, the most wonderful furbaby a new chihuahua owner could have!

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sweet dreams baby lacie

dear famous chihuahua®,

lacie is my first chihuahua. she is 4 years old, weighs around 5 lbs and is full of love and fun!

lacie’s favorite toy is a small tennis ball. we have gone through almost a dozen of them in about 3 years! (they have a tendency to get very frayed after countless hours of play). she manages to pick up many of her other toys with the tennis ball still in her mouth and even brings it into the kitchen with her when it’s meal time.

I have taught lacie many tricks, including sit pretty, purr (a tiny little growl), and cha cha cha (a little dance she does on her hind legs).

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famous chihuahua® dog t-shirts, dog tank-tops, dog sweatshirts!

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make your chihuahua famous with a famous chihuahua dog t-shirt

get on the famous chihuahua® band wagon and make your chihuahua “famous” with a famous chihuahua® dog t-shirt, tank-top or sweatshirt! send a picture of your chihuahua to us wearing a famous chihuahua dog t-shirt and we will feature their picture on our homepage as a famous chihuahua model! we believe that all chihuahuas deserve to be famous for a day, …isn’t it about time your chihuahua made the statement “i’m famous?”

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33 chihuahuas rescued from filthy, wretched living conditions in ont.

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33 chihuahuas rescued from squalor

famous chihuahua would like to extend a big thank you to the concerned citizen that reported the squalid living conditions of 33 chihuahuas to the oakland and milton humane society last week in toronto, ontario. we are always thrown by the imbecility of careless pet owners who act in such an irresponsible and wreck less manner overlooking the seriousness of their actions.

why must 33 innocent chihuahuas be subjected to such a filthy unsanitary living environment putting their health at risk when there are plenty of responsible people looking to adopt and care for a chihuahua? what do you think?

here is the full story of these 33 innocent chihuahua rescued from squalor...

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