Join Nadia, the remarkable woman behind Famous Chihuahua, in her healing journey and fight against Lyme disease!

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Here is Nadia’s incredible story as told by her dear friend in Christ, and fellow lyme disease survivor, Katie Housek Peters.

(We ask that you please view the video before reading Nadia’s story.)

This invitation for financial help is not just a tough story to make you feel sorry for someone, my hope is that Nadia’s journey inspires and encourages you as much as it has me!  Despite Nadia’s many past accomplishments, this remarkable single mom has only begun to leave her mark of change on the world.  As she keeps reaching higher, with God’s strength through all the tough times, I know that we will continue to be inspired by her unfolding journey!

The first thing that stood out when I met Nadia was her indomitable spirit, her incredible zest for life, and her sharp and always expanding mind.  Having battled life threatening chronic Lyme myself, I knew the difficult road she had to walk, but could sense that she would be one of the ones who leans in and presses forward even when things get unbearable.

Lyme disease impacts everyone differently, and for Nadia, besides the excruciating, debilitating pain, and myriad internal issues that come with an autoimmune disease, she lives with a severely pinched nerve in her neck that impacts the rest of her body and makes both standing and sitting difficult to impossible.

Then came the devastating car accident in November 2019, where she was hit head on by another driver, which resulted in even more injury and damage to her cervical and thoracic spine that added to her structural issues, increased her pain and has led to even more specialists and more appointments.  There is no specific end date to her suffering and it can be a long road to healing, requiring an uncommon internal steel.

The medical system in both Canada and United States does not recognize Chronic Lyme, despite the thousands of Americans and Canadians who suffer from it, and thus you are left on your own to cover all expenses and treatments while unable to function.  Having a supportive community around you is just as critical as the right treatment.

I have been so inspired by the passion with which Nadia engages in everything she cares about.  Like home schooling her 6 year old son these past 6 months, discerning the treatments her body is able to handle and respond to and growing spiritually and emotionally even while her body stops her from doing so much of what she loves.  Her courage and relentless commitment to becoming the woman she was created to be despite, and even through the difficulties is amazing to watch.

When Nadia met Jesus about a year ago, I watched her spirit leap into life!  Her unwavering faith and the light she carries touches people wherever she goes and they know she genuinely cares about them, and wants to use what God has given her to help others.  As she surrenders the pain to God, we are watching Him bring beauty and redemption that will, in turn reach into other’s pain filled landscape with hope and resources!

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The painful places on the journey offer up the richest treasures, and Nadia is inspiring in the way she opens herself up to receive them, rather than simply focus on the pain.

Joining Nadia on this crazy, beautiful journey of discovery, healing, and sharing hope is the invitation I extend to each of you in whatever circumstances you are navigating and we pray you are so blessed to discover the treasures God has placed along your route to expand and strengthen you!

It has been difficult for Nadia to not keep up the “Famous Chihuahua legacy” with all the submitted chihuahua features she is so passionate about posting, but I believe this is an opportunity to invite fellow chihuahua owners and lovers to link arms together to be part of a series of miracles that can inspire us all!

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I know Nadia would appreciate any words of encouragement and love that you want to send her way and any financial support you may be able to help with will go towards the ongoing costs of both treatment and required supplements so she can function.

Some of the therapies Nadia must have daily includes: neuromuscular massage therapy, cervical spinal adjustments, low dose immunotherapy, prolotherapy, ozone injection therapy, IV therapy, required key supplements and more.

If we can help support Nadia and her family with the costs of treatment and supplements, we can help her bring the “Famous Chihuahua” website and brand back to life!

Thus, we are asking for a small donation to help Nadia.  Every dollar counts, so if you can donate even just $1, we appreciate it!  Please show your support by clicking the Donate button below.

Love and blessings,

Katie Housek Peters

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chihuahua plays dead to avoid going to the vet! this is pawsome!

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this chihuahua pretends to be dead to avoid having to go to the vet  … treats are the only thing to revive her!  notice how she has a smile on her face the entire time 😉

blowout sale on chihuahua clothes and accessories


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prevent your chihuahua from overheating with these summer safety tips!

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chihuahua drinking water

it’s summer and the heat has arrived!  chihuahuas are small animals that love the sunshine and come from a hot environment, but they’re still prone to overheating and temperature sensitivity.  here are some tips for keeping your chihuahua cool during these hot summer days!

vehicles.  many chihuahua owners take their dogs everywhere.  if you do this, make sure your dog can go with you wherever you take her.  in the summer heat, a chihuahua (as well as children and other animals) can develop health problems in a matter of minutes.

water.  always bring water with you and a way for your chihuahua to drink it.  try teaching your dog how to drink from a bottle of water.  you can also purchase a collapsible water bowl.

panting.  when dogs are hot, they pant.  if your chihuahua is panting excessively with labored breath, she could be in trouble.  get her into a cooler environment and offer her water immediately.  foam at the mouth is another indication that it’s just too hot for your dog.

exercise.  it’s easy to exercise chihuahuas indoors, and this may be something to consider on hot days.  when heat warnings are in effect, you and your dog should spend most time indoors.  try a light game of fetch inside with your chihuahua’s favorite toy.


travel dog car seats

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15 things dogs dislike about humans! do you do any of these with your chihuahua?

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so the first thing was rushing your dog when they have to go potty …  we all know chihuahuas are notorious for taking their time to go to the bathroom and they will go to the extreme to find just the right spot to go!  but, did you know they really dislike it when we rush them through the process?  be sure to watch the video for the 14 other things we do that our chihuahuas dislike!

sale chihuhua clothes

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