sweet josie, the chihuahua that fashions prosthetic wheels

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josie the chihuahua fashions prosthetic wheels

video: josie the chihuahua gets prosthetic wheels

little josie is on a roll. the tiny chihuahua scoots along on two back legs and the model airplane wheels that have taken the place of her missing front legs, her tail in nonstop motion as she sniffs toes and snarfs treats.

little josie is jill schuldt’s dog, but she’s also the mascot and special project at hanger orthopedic group, a prosthetics and orthotics business at central and hillside. schuldt is office administrator there, and her colleagues fashioned the contraption that has made josie the office and client favorite.

josie was one of four puppies with problems in a litter of five born earlier this year in wichita. two others are missing front legs; one has three legs and the fifth puppy is normal.

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