celebrities discover the amazing chihuahua!

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in her star-making film legally blonde, reese witherspoon famously shared the screen with a pink-clad chihuahua named bruiser.

some say it started with the taco bell dog. a five hundred million dollar ad campaign featured a talking chihuahua which continually repeated the slogan, “yo quiero taco bell,” which is spanish for “i want taco bell.” then came the legally blond films and the unstoppable bruiser. the topping on the cake was when paris hilton appeared on the cover of seventeen magazine and later tried living the simple life on fox tv with tinkerbell, her pet chihuahua.

celebrities have discovered what many pet owners already knew: chihuahuas are the best dogs to own and care for. in the process, they’ve set off a chihuahua craze that is reaching towering proportions.

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