proof that chihuahuas save lives! the health benefits of chihuahua ownership

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did you know that owning a chihuahua can heal you of depression and other stress-related disorders?  ..that heart attack patients with chihuahuas are 8 times more likely to be alive a year later than those without a chihuahua?  ..and that children exposed to chihuahuas during the first year of life have fewer allergies and less asthma?

chihuahuas are life companions that provide their owners with unconditional love and acceptance. this devotional trait alone can be of tremendous benefit to our health.  the love of a chihuahua lowers our blood pressure, eases the loneliness that comes with aging or the loss of a loved one and also help us to overcome allergies.

calming hormonal changes in the body also occur when we interact with our chihuahuas.  these calming effects help people cope with depression and other stress related disorders.  the simple act of petting our chihuahua actually triggers a release of “feel good” hormones serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin.

serotonin is a hormone primarily responsible for our mood and prolactin and oxytocin are the two hormones primarily responsible for the production of breast milk.  essentially, a chihuahua is a great pet if you are suffering from any kind of depressive/anxiety disorder or if you are a new mother or mother to be.

as we pet our chihuahuas, the levels of our primary stress hormone cortisol decrease. cortisol is the hormone responsible for proper glucose metabolism, the regulation of blood pressure, insulin release for blood sugar maintenance, immune function and, inflammatory response.

teaka the famous chihuahua with nonno!

several years ago, teaka the famous chihuahuas’ nonno (grandpa) suffered a severe heart attack.  he was rushed to the hospital and had to undergo emergency quintuple bypass surgery!

as he recovered, little teaka was by his side day and night to assist with his healing.  later, teaka’s nonno became one of the healthiest men on the block, golfed three times a week, went to the gym twice a week, ate a super healthy diet, was loved by his dear wife and two lovely daughters and he felt the healthiest he had ever been!

so the next time you get that soothing warm feeling from the mere presence of your chihuahua, just remember that it is truly beneficial to your health in more ways than one!  love your chihuahua and they will always love you back.

has your chihuahua helped you heal from an injury, disease or disorder?

send us your story to share with chihuahua lovers everywhere!


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meet ellie, a beautiful tanned chihuahua from center moriches, new york!

famous chihuahua editor featured chihuahuas

chihuahua on bicycle

“look mama, i’m famous!”

this beautiful little bicycle-riding chihuahua is ellie.  ellie loves boat rides and playing on the beach and she’s always looking to catch a tan.  ellie is loved by everyone who meets her and she is always up for meeting new people.  if you see ellie at the beach, be sure to ask for her paw-to-graph!

congratulations samantha, ellie is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®


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meet bambi, an adorable apple head chihuahua puppy from rome, italy!

famous chihuahua editor featured chihuahuas

teacup chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

this adorable little bambino is bambi!  he is a tanned apple head chihuahua puppy that lives in rome, italy with his beautiful mommy morgana conti!  bambi is only 2 months old and loves to play and nap in mommy’s bed.  he’s also teething, so he tends to bite everything around him and he always wants to be held in mommy’s arms.  what a cutie!  follow little bambi on instagram at @contimorgana.

congratulations morgana, bambi is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®


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