meet doug, a spunky applehead chihuahua from edson, alberta, canada

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canadian chihuahua tan applehead

“look mama, i’m famous!”

doug is an awesome 4 year old applehead chihuahua with lots of pizazz!  he has a wild side that keeps his mommy on her toes, but that’s what makes him so uniquely wonderful!  doug has an adorable tendency to behave like he’s still a puppy and loves to snuggle.  he also has a cute habit of hopping onto your head to get a better view of something that stirs his curiosity. how cute is that!

congratulations haley, doug is is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®

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in memory of gizmo the famous chihuahua

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~ r.i.p gizmo ~

here is gizmo’s story as told by his mommy, amie sershen of mechanicville, new york.

“gizmo passed away at 3.5 years old on july 5th 2015 after he ate a bad batch of blue buffalo dog food.  he was extremely spunky and loved my now 8 year old daughter.  he was quite the beggar and would rock back and forth with his eyes half closed, waiting for you to drop a piece of food.  when he got really excited, he would lay on his belly and scoot himself around the room in circles using only 1 back foot to boost himself around.  it was very amusing to watch.

this picture is from christmas 2014.  gizmo had just gotten a new christmas dog outfit and was getting ready to go pounce on his new bed.  my daughter and i miss him all the time.  it wasn’t fair that he was taken from us the way he was.  i watched him pass away within 5 days of becoming sick from the food.  we also have a german shepherd who got sick from the same batch of blue buffalo dog food, but he was able to recover.

gizmo stopped eating all together and eventually and i had to push a liquid broth and rice diet down his throat with a syringe.  the morning of his death was spent rushing him to the vet again because he woke up with tremors that he couldn’t control.  he lost all function of his body and couldn’t even stand up.  he died at 11am.  i’ve never lost a pet before and i think about him everyday.

gizmo was amazing, a fun and lovable little dog that meant everything to me.  we did adopt a new chihuahua, but gizmo can never be replaced.  i hope that everyone who reads this is careful about the dog food they feed their chihuahuas, just because it says “natural” doesn’t mean it is free of risks.  the bigger the company you buy your dog food from, the more likely mistakes like this can happen…

rest in peace my sweet gizmo, i will always love you.”


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meet lou lou blue, an adorable blue chihuahua puppy from newquay, england

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tiny blue chihuahua puppy

“look mama, i’m famous!”

lou lou is the new tiny blue chihuahua puppy of carmen thompson from newquay, cornwall in the uk.  she’s a fast learner that loves playtime and her naps, where she gets to cuddle up with mommy.   lou lou also enjoys chasing after the 3 cats she lives with and showing them whose boss!

carmen is very proud to be little lou lou’s new mommy and can’t wait to see her grow and blossom into a well-behaved beautiful adult lady chihuahua.

congratulations carmen, lou lou blue is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua®

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shaking puppy syndrome: a condition in dogs known as hypomyelination

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shaking puppy syndrome is a disease that effects the central or peripheral nervous system of the brain and is medically termed hypomyelination.  the good news is that your puppy can grow out of it and still grow up to live a happy and healthy life.

at birth, often puppies that develop the syndrome are normal.  they later develop symptoms at 1 – 2 weeks old.  typically they begin to tremor and it’s predominantly more noticeable in the hind legs.

this tremoring can cause them to miss out out on important feedings from their mother as they are less likely to be able to hold their ground when trying to reach their mother’s nipples.  in these cases, they will require hand feeding.


**warning: the chihuahua puppy in this video is okay and in no way being harmed


what causes the shaking?

when an insufficient production of myelin occurs, the substance that insulates and stabilizes nerves, hypomyelination is the result.  a lack of myelin cause the nerves to be sensitive resulting in shakes and tremors.  the more active your puppy is, the more they will shake, the less active, the less they will shake.  in fact, when they sleep, the shaking often goes away completely.

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