please help: chihuahua suffering from home sickness

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dear famous chihuahua®,

please help save my mother’s chihuahua. my mom died about 1 1/2 yrs ago and her 10 yr old teacup chihuahua was living with dad until a few months ago. now she is living with a family friend and was doing fine for a couple of months, but i can see now that she is fast declining in health and we think it is from home sickness and her missing my mother.

what can we do to help her? she can’t live with my dad anymore.

if any of your readers have some advice, it would be very helpful.


please comment if you have advice that might help charlene, thank you.

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does your chihuahua have a health problem?

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pssst… we just wanted to let you know that our chihuahua health problems page is now available to our readers … we hope the information in it is helpful to chihuahua owners who have a chihuahua that is experiencing discomfort which could be health related…. now please shush as mommy sings a sweet lullabye to teaka the famous chihuahua as she sleeps so peacefully…… zzzzz….

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precious muffin, the amazing blind chihuahua

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precious muffin the amazing blind chihuahua

muffin the blind chihuahua is a testament to the truth that pets with disabilities make amazing companions. little muffin became blind from severe cataracts which led to retinal detachment. since this picture was taken, muffin has undergone surgery to remove both of eyes.

muffin’s family loves her dearly. her mommy was happy to share with us muffin’s  awe-inspiring story and what makes muffin the blind chihuahua so precious.

muffin and mommy

“our little girl muffin is a huge blessing to our lives. we adopted her from the SPCA when she was about 5 or 6 years old. she was completely blind from severe cataracts and was found wondering the streets at night by someone who then brought her to the SPCA. since then she has found her way into our hearts!

muffin is an absolutely amazing rescue chihuahua. we believe she is a happier chihuahua post-surgery because of all the discomfort she was experiencing prior to. since the day we brought her home, she has been able to find her way around the house and can walk all throughout the backyard and then find her way back to our sliding glass door.

knowing little about her back ground, we love and care for her the best we can. she is wonderful with children and isn’t afraid of other dogs. she only shakes when we go to the vet and during car rides. she loves to play with your hand and sometimes with her tail.

muffin’s favorite foods is chicken and fortune cookies. when she hears the refrigerator open she strolls into the kitchen. she knows this is where the chicken is! when muffin has to go potty, she will walk to the sliding door to let us know.

since both of muffins eyes are sewn shut, she often looks as if she is sleeping. we love muffin so much because of how much she has enriched our lives. she is so special that you forget that she has no eyes. she is particularly  fond of her daddy and is definitely daddy’s little girl.

muffin comes to work with me and everyone at the office loves her. she sleeps in her bed next to my desk like a good little girl. she doesn’t like to be left alone all day as she would much rather be around us – the people who love her unconditionally. we simply can’t imagine our lives without her!”

all chihuahuas are precious, even the ones with a disability. the message is simple. if you love chihuahuas, adopt one. read another amazing chihuahua story – put your paws here! samson the miracle chihuahua born without eyes

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samson the miracle chihuahua born without eyes

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samson the miracle chihuahua born without eyes

famous chihuahua would like to introduce it’s readers to samson the miracle chihuahua puppy born without eyes and with cerebral palsy. we instantly fell in love with little samson and we are moved by his story and it’s message of genuine unconditional love.

chihuahua puppies with disabilities are born everyday. many of them end up in shelters or are euthanized because no one wants to home these precious creatures. people feel they must have a perfect pet in order to be happy. this is simply not true. little sampson is a perfect example of the kind of unconditional love that comes with adopted chihuahuas.

samson was born with a condition called anophthalmos, which is the absence of one or both eyes and in this case, it may have been caused by premature closing of the molera or soft spot. anophthalmos is very rare and it can only be diagnosed after intensive study. most of the time the condition is actually michophthalmos; which has at least a little of the eye formation.

either condition is not a cause for wobbling in a pup who has developed balance. a blind pup will simply take longer than a sighted one to develop it –  usually by five months of age. anothalmia/microphthalmos and/or blindness (in itself) is not associated with a lack of balance.

it was suggested that samson might have been born with water in his brain – a condition called hydrocephalus and hydromyelia. his family didn’t accept this assumption because they did not see samson suffer from symptoms of this condition; such as his balance getting worse, hitting his face with his paws, signs of pain, and even seizures, etc.

samson’s family continued to wonder if his wobbling would ever be completely gone. tests for a medical diagnosis would be expensive and troublesome for little samson, not to mention, they would not solve or help him in any way, but these tests would be done out of curiosity and not a need. so they resorted to forums, websites, online support groups and videos for answers.

samson is now a very happy and healthy five months old and his family has diagnosed his condition as cerebellar hypoplasia, also known as cerebral palsy. the signs in samson (although mild) are present and include: poor balance, feet planted far apart, stiff or high-stepping gait, and head and back leg tremors (which increase when he is excited and are altogether gone when he is at rest).

cerebellar hypoplasia is a disorder in which the cerebellum (the part of the brain which deals with balance and motor skills) is not completely mature at birth. there is no cure for this condition, and it varies from mild to severe. animals with this condition do not get worse or better, but they do learn to live with it and can be expected to have a high quality of life in a loving and understanding home.

affected puppies have normal mental alertness. sometimes cerebellar hypoplasia can be confused with cerebellar abiotrophy, but difference in abiotrophy is that a puppy will have a normal cerebellum at birth that will gradually deteriorates as they get older, around two months of age.

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why do chihuahua puppies shiver?

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why do chihuahua puppies shiver?

teaka the famous chihuahua shivers when she feels stressed

chihuahuas shiver or tremble when they are excited, experiencing stress, frightened, uncertain or cold. shivering is characteristic of the chihuahua breed.

smaller chihuahua puppies usually have a higher metabolism and so they expend body heat faster than bigger dogs. shivering also helps to generate body heat, which is also explains why people shiver when they are cold.

it’s important to remember that if you live in a cold or wet climate, you need to protect your chihuahua when you take them outside. dress them in a sweater or chihuahua clothes to make sure they stay warm and if possible, avoid taking them out in the rain.

it is also helpful to nurture your chihuahua when they are shivering out of fear or stress. a familiar and calm voice will help to put them at ease.

at the same time you don’t want to run to them every time they shiver, rather only when it seems appropriate because you want to avoid them becoming accustomed to tending to them every time they shiver.

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