merry “woof”mas from famous chihuahua

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tequila and chico, santa's little helpers

santa's lil' helpers tequila and chico. chi-babies to felicity & wally

famous chihuahua would like to wish chihuahua lovers around the globe a very merry christmas and a safe and happy ‘howl’-i-day season.

we would like to thank our readers for their continued support and contributions towards our famous chihuahua t-shirts. we would also like to thank everyone who has submitted their chihuahua pictures to us over the years. we truly feel that every chihuahua deserves to be a famous chihuahua so we will continue to do our best to feature as many chihuahua pictures as we possibly can into the new year and beyond.

the world is full of adorable chihuahuas and there are some very special chihuahuas we would like to take note of that either touched our hearts or hit a 10 on the ‘simply adorable’ scale. we hope you enjoy the following pictures as much as we did featuring them:

baby chihuahua embryo in womb

baby emma the chihuahua

pablo the chihuahua and ramsey the doberman

jose the elvis impersonator chihuahua

chihuahua scuba diver

ruby the chihuahua

jewels the detroit lions fan chihuahua

… and of course we can’t forget our very own crazy lil’ mexican teaka the famous chihuahua, the very reason this site exists!

a merry christmas to all and to all a good nite!

youk and rugby

chihuahuas youk and rugby wish you all a very merry christmas!

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if you love chihuahuas, adopt one!

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for the second week in a row, disney’s film beverly hills chihuahua topped box offices taking in an estimated 17.5 million dollars, making it the first film since august to take the no. 1. spot at the box office for two weeks in a row.

it is evident that movie goers are loving talking chihuahuas and that people are coming to love and respect the chihuahua breed in a whole new way. respectfully asks it readers that if after seeing this film you decide the chihuahua is the right dog for you, that you do your research on the chihuahua breed first.

even though chihuahuas may seem like the most adorable and portable pet, there are several characteristics and traits about the breed that can not be overlooked, specifically their compatibility with small children, their desire to be territorial (over-protective) and their very delicate physical make-up.

if you still feel the chihuahua is the right dog for you, then we recommend that you adopt or rescue a chihuahua.

did you know that papi, the star of beverly hills chihuahua was a rescued by the movie’s filmmakers the day before he was scheduled to be euthanized?

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chihuahuas featured on animal planet

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chihuahuas to be featured on animal planet's 'dogs 101' this saturday october 11, 2008

the chihuahua breed will be featured on animal planet's new series, dogs 101 this saturday, october 11, 2008

animal planet is happy to announce the series premier of their new show devoted to man’s best friend, dogs 101, this saturday, at 8 pm et/pt.

this 10-episode series is the most comprehensive look at dogs on television. the first eight episodes explore the most popular dog breeds, from the lovable french bulldog to the loyal chihuahua, to the heroic labrador retriever. two episodes will also examine the amazing variety of cat breeds.

with over 200 dog breeds recognized by the american kennel club, dogs101 will spotlight the adorable, the feisty and the unexpected.

  • is the chihuahua really the world’s smallest dog?
  • does the st. bernard have a sixth sense for predicting avalanches?
  • can the whippet see in the dark?
  • which breed is still used today as a life guard?
tune into animal planet's new series dogs 101

is the chihuahua really the world's smallest dog breed? tune in this saturday to dogs 101 to find out

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petstay awarded with seal of approval

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dog leg retraining device petstay awarded with seal of approval

dog leg retraining device petstay is awarded with seal of approval

famous chihuahua is proud to award petstay with a seal of approval award

petstay is a dog leg restraining device that chihuahua owners everywhere will find most helpful. it is designed to make a dog stay on any smooth surface such as a bathtub, counter top or just about any other surface that is smooth.

currently, their design is for small dogs, up to 25 lbs or 11 kg, but in the future, larger sizes will be available to accommodate medium to large dogs.

unlike other products in the market, petstay secures all four legs, so the dogs will not run away or fall down. petstay is not only for convenience, but is for safety of that animal and human alike. it is easy to use and saves time, energy, and aggravation.

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sweet josie, the chihuahua that fashions prosthetic wheels

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josie the chihuahua fashions prosthetic wheels

video: josie the chihuahua gets prosthetic wheels

little josie is on a roll. the tiny chihuahua scoots along on two back legs and the model airplane wheels that have taken the place of her missing front legs, her tail in nonstop motion as she sniffs toes and snarfs treats.

little josie is jill schuldt’s dog, but she’s also the mascot and special project at hanger orthopedic group, a prosthetics and orthotics business at central and hillside. schuldt is office administrator there, and her colleagues fashioned the contraption that has made josie the office and client favorite.

josie was one of four puppies with problems in a litter of five born earlier this year in wichita. two others are missing front legs; one has three legs and the fifth puppy is normal.

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beverly hills chihuahua discussion boards

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you want some of this?

the disney movie, beverly hills chihuahua, has fast become a major topic for discussion among chihuahua lovers worldwide. do you have an opinion on this movie? what’s all the controversy about? is paris hilton’s chihuahua the real beverly hills chihuahua? ..or is this chihuahua movie a disney masterpiece from start to end? read what people are saying in the famous chihuahua message board and forums page.

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