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  1. elvis

    hmm im pretty sure you can breed an applehead with a deer head, but im not so sure taunya hall… i dont see why not. and thank you so much for voting!!! <3

  2. Elvis

    oh thank you sooo much dina! i really appretiate what you said! im glad my picture was one to remember <3

  3. Dina

    All these pictures are just adorable….I wouldn’t want to judge but Elvis you have stayed on my mind the most….Great picture….sweet sweet attitude:) Best of Luck little darling!

  4. elvis

    thanks everyone who left a good comment so far! me and my owner are so thankful to be where we are i n this competetion! good luck to all the contestants! wish me luck <3

  5. loraine yalland

    hi elvis, my name is rocky and i made it to the final 20 just like you, i love your name and you look brilliant in your picture, congratulations and best of luck in the final xxx

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