daddy’s little girl, sophia the chihuahua

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daddys little girl, sophia the chihuahua

dear famous chihuahua,

i am sophia the chihuahua, but my daddy calls me bambi or bam. i am two years old and i love people food! mommy found me when my original owner moved away and could no longer keep me. wow did i luck out! i am always the center of attention at home and daddy hates to admit how much he loves driving me around in his truck. in this picture you see me resting my tired paws on daddy’s lap after a long day at the beach.

a special message from sophie’s owners

everyone should adopt a chihuahua to be loved by. our little sophie has so much love to give and we love to wake up to all her kisses. she has changed our lives for the better.

forever loved by our famous chihuahua sophia,
jacqueline and ryan llorin of monterey, ca.

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famous chihuahua refuses to share beef jerky video

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“step off! this beef jerky is all mine!” says teaka the famous chihuahua.

we all know our pets live for treats when it’s snack time and sometimes catching them in the moment while thoroughly enjoying their treats can be hilarious. here we have teaka the famous chihuahua munching away at her beef jerky treat when she decides to let mamma know that there’s no way she’s going to even consider sharing, so step off!

does your chihuahua get all snarly on you if given a treat and decides they don’t want to share? let us know about your funny chihuahua moment!

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dusty the short-haired, grey chihuahua with attitude!

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dusty the short-haired, grey chihuahua with attitude!

“special delivery for famous chihuahua! introducing dusty the chihuahua!”

little dusty is a year and half old and lives with his mommy jennifer nguyen in new haven, connecticut. little dusty can be feisty and will pull an attitude around people he is not familiar with, but he is only being protective and is really a very sweet and affectionate chihuahua.

dusty can also stand on his two hind legs and pretend to box with you; he also follows commands on demand and loves to snack on chicken and baby carrots and play with his small plush stuffed animal toys.

jennifer tells us that dusty is an amazing chihuahua and his presence brings much joy, love, and happiness into her life.

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chiquita the brave chihuahua takes on a cougar

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you’re invited to vancouver’s pet fashion week!

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you're invited to vancouver's pet fashion week!

vancouver’s pet fashion week is being held at the roundhouse in yaletown this weekend and admission is free! catch the barking babies™ fashion shows at 12:30 and 2:30 pm on sunday, may 31st and watch designer-dressed model dogs strut their stuff on the ‘cat’ walk in the latest fashion collections!

a fun pet competition for the best dressed dog in a pet parade will follow the fashion shows, so bring your pack and meet all the neighborhood pooches while enjoying treats, displays and giveaways!

if you live in vancouver, british columbia and you have a pet, then join us for this unique family event for people and their pets!

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