ramsey the doberman and pablo the chihuahua

ramsey and pablo, companions for life

ramsey and pablo live in chaska, minnesota and are the best of friends, true companions and internet superstars! some might say they are the most unlikely pair of dogs imaginable, but that is what makes their companionship so unique. after all, how often do you see a doberman pincher buddy up with a chihuahua?

the ramsey and pablo show you tube page has received over 6 million hits to date and features humorous footage of the pair as they go about their daily activities. pablo has also been featured on america’s funniest home video’s.

tug of war!

don’t you just love this pair? undeniably adorable!

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pablo the famous chihuahua

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Comments 32

  1. selfin

    Ramsey and Pablo is rock. I have a little mocha chihuahua too..

    I love doberman since I saw Ramsey, and I am same b-day as her!!

  2. Amanda

    I LOVE Ramsey and Pablo.. I searched “doberman chihuahua” on youtube when I first got my Dobey, and these kids came up, and me and my dog family have been watching them ever since! They showed me this site and made me wanna share my babies with u all too.
    Ramsey and Pablo are my youtube addiction LOL

  3. Samantha

    I love these two dogs, they are so cute! I show everyone at work the clips when we’re not busy or on break. They rock and are lucky to have each other.

  4. C

    Ooh! I love Pablo and Ramsey! I’m a huge fan and one of the reasons that I have a lovely and sweet boy chihuahua now. 🙂
    Their youtube shorts just give you a warm feeling.

  5. christie

    I do say that because she is a doberman. Ramsey is an outstanding example of why breed specific legislation is CRAP. It’s not the breed, it’s the human with the dog – just like with humans. It’s temperment and training – just like a human child. The same could be said if Ramsey were a rottie or a pitt bull. By the way, I called the Bissell customer service people yesterday and told them they were missing out on a gold mine if they didn’t feature these 2 as a pair. It’s like Hepburn without Tracy, both wonderful seperately and a classic as a team.

  6. Donna

    I love this pair. They are so much fun together. I have a doberman, Zoey, who could pass for a twin to Ramsey, not only in looks but in the sounds she makes and the actions, too. Dobermans are just the best pets – loving, smart and fun. Keep those videos coming – we just love watching them and thank you for sharing them with us. Love ya, Pablo and Ramsey!

  7. Val

    These 2 are heartwarming and hilarious at the same time.

    Hey Christie above, of course Ramsey’s temperment has something to do with their successful relationship. That would be true when pairing ANY large dog up with a Chihuahua…in fact, wouldn’t temperment be just as important when pairing up one dog with any other dog in a house?

    Did you say that because she is a Doberman?

    My Dobermans have always loved and gotten along with small dogs. I always socialized them to all kinds of dogs when they were puppies and all through their lives.

  8. christie

    I don’t mean to short Ramsey on the praise – if it wasn’t for her temperment and training her relationship with Pablo wouldn’t have worked.

  9. TJ Cobb

    yes, this is one of the altime most famous chihuahuas ever, and has had staying power, longer than the “yo quiero taco bell” chihuahua ever THOUGHT about having! Ramsey is an absolutely remarkable dog too! The newest Lucy and Desi, Fred and Wilma, Ozzy and Harriet, the WONDERTWINS (well, not exactly). Barbie luvs her Pablito! Sorry Rams, no male dogs in the house.

  10. littleblackninja

    These two are a total riot! They are so lucky to have such a open minded human to pair them up 🙂

  11. christie

    I check in daily to catch up with Pablo and Ramsey on youtube. I have a various stressful job as a nurse and watching these 2 is a sure fire pick-me-up after I get off duty! I was looking forward to owning a chihuahua. I already have the name all picked out – now I need the chihuahua.

  12. liz

    yay!!!!!!! i love the ramsey and pablo show! i visit his site daily, as well as his videos on youtube. what a pair those two make!

  13. LisaJo

    My kids and I love these dogs! We all miss having dogs. Where we live now dogs are not allowed– so Ramsey and Pablo are a great event for us!


  14. Tori

    Ah, who doesn’t love Ramsey and Pablo? 😀
    Haha, I watch them all the time on Youtube. They’re great together.

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