adopt a chihuahua at a chihuahua rescue organization or puppy mill!

united states

chihuahua rescue and adoption – search nationwide by area, sex, color and age

az chihuahua rescue – arizona

chihuahua toy breed rescue and retirement – florida

chihuahua rescue florida – florida

ay chihuahua rescue – texas

yankee chihuahua rescue – new england

chihuahua and small dog rescue – colorado

chihuahua rescue of san diego – san diego

puppymill rescue – missouri

wolfspirit’s toy breed puppymill rescue – ohio

three sisters pet rescue – ohio

national mill dog rescue – rescuing and rehabilitating dogs that have been abandoned by commercial breeders.  based in peyton, colorado, but are open to adopters nationwide.  click here to see their available chihuahuas up for adoption.

petfinder pet adoption – search nationwide

“if you love chihuahuas, adopt one!”


canadian chihuahua rescue and transport – volunteers working together to rescue, foster and provide necessary veterinary care for homeless, abandoned and neglected Chihuahuas across Canada. headquarters based in toronto, ontario.  click here to check out their happy endings page of all chihuahuas that have been adopted!

canadian chihuahua rescue and transport

chihuahua rescue and referral – washington, british columbia, vancouver island

bc chihuahua rescue – british columbia, Vancouver Island and Washington State

to submit a chihuahua rescue organization email us

pino the rescued chihuahua (picture source:

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