“Celebrate International Chihuahua Appreciation Day, Saturday, May 14th!”

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teaka, chihuahua behind interntional chihuahua appreciation day

We honor the memory of, Teaka, the legacy behind International Chihuahua Appreciation Day!  

Famous Chihuahua is looking for their next Chihuahua mascot to replace Teaka! If you are a Chihuahua breeder or Rescue organization who wants to gift one of their Chihuahuas to a good home and a life of Internet stardom with promotion of your business, please contact Nadia here!

Happy Chihuahua International Chihuahua Appreciation Day 2022

Check all out these chihuahuas with celebration signs!

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international chihauhau appreciation day

How did International Chihuahua Appreciation Day Start?

international chihuahua appreciation day dog shirt

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harley mill dog chihuahua

famous chihuahua® honors the legacy of Harley, a chihuahua puppy mill survivor who touched the lives of thousands, if not millions!

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chihuahuas celebrate on facebook!

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15 things only chihuahua dog owners know!

nadia chihuahua facts

Did you know that despite being a toy breed, chihuahuas are excellent competitors in canine sports, including agility and obedience? They are also great for apartment dwellers. The chihuahua is big on personality, it’s their adorable personality that makes them so lovable and popular! If you want to know more about this breed, make sure to watch until the end.

sale on chihuahua dog clothes

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7 different types of chihuahuas and their characteristics!

nadia chihuahua facts

Here’s a cute little video that explains what the 7 different types of chihuahuas are and what makes each type so unique! be sure to share this with family or friends looking to get a chihuahua!

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in loving memory of sweet, precious millie

nadia chihuahua memorials

chihuahua memorial miracle millie

Recenty, Davis Rogers with the MBJungle Foundation wrote us to fill us in on the unfortunate passing away of miracle millie. We featured precious Millie on our page more than several times and she even won in our 2014 famous chihuahua Christmas photo contest.

The MBJungle Foundation introduced Millie to us back in 2014, along with Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day, here on the Famous Chihuahua site. Millie crossed Rainbow Bridge on July 8, 2021 at the age of 15 after years of challenges with more than several birth defects. Millie is missed so very much, but was and will continue to be celebrated as the official poster pup representing MBJungle Foundation, bringing awareness to the interactive role humans play in pets born with birth defects.

It is understood at the MBJungle Foundation that it can be heartbreaking when a pet has birth defects requiring veterinary services.and so they are working towards a future, where decisions about companion animal birth defect medical care needs will never be made based on cost. In honor and celebration of Millie’s life, MBJungle has acquired 501c3 status and will in the near future provide financial assistance for care and treatment for pet parents of pets inflicted with birth defects.

Please consider visiting the MBJungle Foundation website and get on board with working towards reducing the human role played in pets born with defects and help us achieve “Our Vision” by helping us create a positive environment for pets living with defects.

“We love you and will never forget you sweet Millie! Rest in peace baby girl!”

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