teacup chihuahuas

what is a teacup chihuahua? is this even a legitimate term? get the facts right here!

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teacup chihuahuas

what exactly does the term teacup chihuahua mean and is it a legitimate term for characterizing a specific type of chihuahua?  much controversy exists over this term, so let’s get the chihuahua facts!

the term teacup chihuahua is mainly an american term.  it’s often used to refer to the size of a chihuahua and shouldn’t be used to categorize a specific type of chihuahua as you would reference a short-haired vs a long-haired chihuahua or a deerhead chihuahua vs an applehead chihuahua.

are teacup chihuahuas tiny chihuahuas that fit into a cup?

most chihuahua puppies are born teacup-sized, but they usually grow out of it.  it is important to note that chihuahuas of this size must be handled delicately and dressed accordingly with the proper chihuahua clothes to keep them warm and properly shielded.

many prospective chihuahua buyers are also unaware of the fact that if a chihuahua puppy isn’t nourished properly from birth, they will not grow to their full potential. this undernourishment will keep a chihuahua puppy from growing to their full potential as they reach adulthood.

this is also why it is very important to ask a chihuahua breeder what they are feeding their pups and for you to do your research as to what required nutrients your chihuahua will need once you bring them home. not all pet food guarantees your chihuahua proper nourishment.

a baby teacup size chihuahua puppy sleeps in the palm of your hand

teaka the famous chihuahua was fed essential fatty acids since birth and was also given a vitamin-mineral liquid formula in her water dish to ensure she was getting optimal nourishment to grow into a healthy adult chihuahua.  essential fatty acids were key to her beautiful silky smooth coat.

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  • keeley larsen
    April 8, 2021 9:53 pm

    teacup? sorry no such thing… it is animal abuse. it is breeding smallest with smallest over and over again until these poor things are so tiny they have a hard time living. don’t be brainwashed by how”cute” it is. get a mouse instead. why support people who intentionally do what is wrong for $$$??? they all have health problems and shorter lives. imagine how tiny the heart of a “teacup chiahuhua” is? probably the size of the pinky fingernail on a small child. what are people breeding dogs for anyway? when 40,000 dogs and cats are killed daily? what’s wrong with a chiahuhua from the shelter? the novelty wears off for people and they get dumped at the shelter. there are so many chiahuhua’s at the shelters. please people… stop supporting these freaks who are not interested in the wellbeing of the animals…only money. it’s disgusting and heartbreaking…

  • Wow! they are so cute! I love the chihuahua. because of all, they make me happy even in the tiring day. I remember my 1st chihuahua she died and I remember that time, It’s so hard to move on and I’m talking the pet cremation dallas on the phone while I’m crying. I’m happy because I’m so happy now and thank you also to the PET LOSS CENTER for helping me.

  • New Mexico CC there is Lapdog Rescue and a Chihuahua Rescue both great organizations and not near as expensive and are ethical unlike breeders in New Mexico, plus you can tell shelters to let you know when a Chi comes in. I have a 5 lb Chi and a 7 pound Chi/ terrier mix and they are good dogs. You have to watch out for them because of their size, tbey can get hurt easily.

  • Hi Michelle. I want one about that size. 2 pounds sounds exactly what I need for my small apartment living. Will it stay two pounds? Anyway how should I look for a breeder that I will know is reputable?

  • People always ask me if Matilda is a teacup, but she’s really a chihuahua-minpin from a friend of a friend’s litter, and seems like she’s one of the smallest in her family. I’m not sure if she was well nourished as a baby, but while I’m glad to have her just as she is, I’d never want a dog smaller than her – 5 pounds and she’s delicate, though surprisingly strong.

  • Michelle Sessoms
    December 28, 2016 9:58 pm

    Thank you! The term “teacup” drives me crazy. I have a true 2 lb, 4 yr old and i am constantly asked if she is a teacup and the answer is no as there is no such thing! She is a smooth coat chihuahua, period!

  • How do I know a breeder is legit? I live in New Mexico and want one so bad.

  • How can anyone determine life .. my mom’s chihuahua lived for 23 years after she was told they on live 13 years so know one really can say the life span as long as u love them an take care of them they will live a long life..

  • I have a puppy named Peaches that is a teacup chihuahua and she MEOWS LIKE A CAT!!!!!
    Look me up by the way!

  • Hi My name is Gretta Williams. I am deaf. I have one my chihuahua boy name is Blacky. He is 2 yrs old. He was tiny teacup baby chihuahua last 2 yrs ago til now, He is fat and small dog. I love my baby blacky.

  • My aunt had a “teacup” Chihuahua. He weighed 3 pounds. He lived a healthy life for 13 years.

  • — Tamara
    january 28, 2013 at 4:30 pm
    A tea cup is nothing more than the runt LOl. I have 9 chihuahuas 5 of them are rescues and 3 of those came from people who were told they would be tea cups all weigh over 12 pounds lol. Don’t buy RESCUE!” —

    This comment is an example of when the use of a simple comma would have made a world of difference. The last sentence says: ‘Don’t buy RESCUE’…. When it should read: ‘Don’t buy, RESCUE’.

  • I love it I want more

  • No such breed teacup if you see this advertised they only want your hard earned money, you will never see the word on the AKC.
    Registration Teacup Chihuahua,

  • its scarey reading about teacups and scammers……..people should go to reputable people to buy ……….please read this

  • Day so CCCUUUTTTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL:-) 😛

  • Thee so. Cute

  • […] is an 8 yr old teacup-size chihuahua from cincinnati, ohio that weighs only 2.5 lbs!  today we are making her a superstar for three […]

  • i wanted a small companion after loosing my best friend who was like my brother. My boyfriend at the time was against it due to my mental status. Got me a new boyfriend and by accident was given a teacup. abused by some high school kids she and another puppy were thrown out of a car. they are in jail, I was so happy to have her, but she has a lot of health problems, she’s my everything. sadly I have decided that if I don’t get a better job I will have to give her to my ex mother in law who is so wonderful at raising chihuahuas. I really have no business trying to keep her if i can not keep up her financial needs. I had no idea I could be so happy again just by being her dog parent. so for those of you who think having a teacup chihuahua is just so cute, please reconsider your wants if you don’t or can’t afford it don’t set yourself up for heartbreak. its my understanding that the average life expectancy is 3-5 yrs. but if you have the time money and can deal w the short time of loving one of these precious special amazing little creatures then bless you

  • There is no such thing as teacup chihuahuas! Shannon is right! They’re prone to health problems and live shorter lives than a regular chihuahua. Why breed them? Its so sad people do that and sad that people buy them. Its better to have a healthy normal sized chihuahua than a smaller one which is promoting bad health. Youre only setting yourself up for more problems down the road. Yes they’re cute with how much smaller they are, but get your heads straight. Each to their own.

  • I am a little disappointed. I have bred a couple of litters of Chihuahuas. I am always getting asked if they are teacup. there is no such thing as a teacup. My two are 3.5 pounds which is probably as small as anyone would want to go for a Chihuahua for optimal health. The size will not always depend on the size of the parents. you could have two generations of small dogs and still have larger than the parents and grandparents. I always told the families that adopted the pups, that more than likely they are going to be 3.5 lbs, but cannot guarantee it. please people, quit going nuts over false marketing and get real. if you want to promote healthy animals then, do your research and quit being led by the lie of the “breed” teacup Chihuahua.

  • A tea cup is nothing more than the runt LOl. I have 9 chihuahuas 5 of them are rescues and 3 of those came from people who were told they would be tea cups all weigh over 12 pounds lol. Don’t buy RESCUE!

  • AKC standard for chihuahuas is 6-10 lbs. One of my babies is 18 lbs yet his sister from the same litter is 7 lbs. I refer to my big boy as a ‘giant’ chihuahua. a chihuahua of less than 6 lbs. could not be in a dog show. also, any color is standard so a ‘blue’ chihuahua is only deemed so to increase it’s cost.

  • One of my Chihuahua,Kissy for first time had five beautiful teacup Chihuahuas.Im from Puerto rico.

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