the miraculous story and video of charity the amazing chihuahua!

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famous chihuahua would like to introduce it’s readers to the miraculous story of charity the rescue chihuahua. little charity is both a blessing and an inspiration to all. she is a symbol of hope and unconditional love.

two years ago, charity the chihuahua was rescued from the lancaster shelter by jon and his friend sherry from pooch heaven ranch. charity’s spine had been severed in half while in a near fatal car crash. the vet said her prognosis was not good and thought it might be best to put her down, otherwise she would have to be confined to a doggy wheelchair.

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meet wheels, the amazing rescue chihuahua with a HUGE survival story!

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cute teacup chihuahua

here is the amazing survival story of wheels the rescue chihuahua as told in her own words! …

“when i was born into a neighborhood pack of dogs, the humans that found me said it appeared i was a stillborn baby.  i was born prematurely and was given little to no chance of survival which was confirmed by several vets.  when mom took me home i weighed a mere 6 oz at 10 weeks.

i was infested with worms, fleas, and mites.  i had a heart murmur and no skull covering half of my head.  my mom decided that she was going to give me every chance she could.  i had major issues with eating and drinking.  i refused both. the vet said i had “failure to thrive”.  mom syringe fed me around the clock but i continued to lose weight.

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“happy international chihuahua appreciation day! we love you harley!”

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chihuahua appreciation day

 “may 14th is international chihuahua appreciation day!”

famous chihuahua® dedicates this day to honoring the legacy of harley, a chihuahua puppy mill survivor who touched the lives of thousands, if not millions!  learn about harley’s legacy here.

harley puppy mill chihuahua

this day also marks the 15th birthday of teaka the famous chihuahua, the iconic chihuahua megastar who is the inspiration behind everything that is famous chihuahua!  “happy birthday teaka!”

teaka famous chihuahua birthday

if you own a chihuahua, be sure to give them a nice little pat on the head and lots of kisses today to let them know how much you love and appreciate them!

treat them to a nice walk in the park, a special meal, a car ride, a belly rub or spoil them with some new chihuahua clothes and cute chihuahua accessories!  it doesn’t matter what you do, just pamper them with your love and affection.  we guarantee you will get that love in return!


and now, famous chihuahua® celebrates with their annual international chihuahua appreciation day picture extravaganza of chihuahuas displaying their pride and devotion to harley’s legacy!

click images to enlarge!


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may 14th is international harley appreciation day! to celebrate we are giving away dog shirts and more!

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on may 14th, chihuahua lovers from around the globe celebrate international chihuahua appreciation day.  this year, famous chihuahua® is dedicating international chihuahua appreciation day to harley’s legacy, a very special chihuahua who touched the lives of thousands, if not millions…

to celebrate this wonderfully festive occasion, we are giving away FREE dog shirts and more!

click here to find out how you can get your FREE dog shirt and more!
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ol’ man jenkins: the truly amazing sewer rescue of an innocent old blind chihuahua

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a huge thank you goes out to dusty showers for not giving up on this sweet little chihuahua

ol’ man jenkins, otherwise known as “omj,” is an old blind chihuahua that was dumped in a sewer and left for dead.  alina berry clark went to facebook pleading for someone to help.  after being told by authorities that they went out there and there was no dog in the sewer, professional humane wildlife trapper dusty showers was contacted.

after searching for over an hour and again being told by authorities there was no dog by lakeland, florida officials, dusty finally located an old man hole cover that was covered with grass and dirt. dusty dropped down into the hole filled with roaches and broken glass and crawled about 75 yards…and out of the darkness ol’ man jenkins appeared.

blind and decrepit, ol’ man jenkins was not only dumped in the sewer but also fell more than 6 feet in the darkness onto hard concrete in an area connecting the small sewer to the larger one.  this is a reminder to everyone that watches this that good samaritans do exist and we are so happy that this story has a happy ending!  we love you ol’ man jenkins!

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considering adoption? here are the top reasons to adopt a chihuahua!

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chihuahua adoption

ann pollock, director of chihuahua rescue of san diego, feeling joy, love and gratitude galore

in a nutshell, here are the top reasons why you should adopt a chihuahua!

  • experience joy!
  • connect with love!
  • gratitude galore!
  • life companion!
  • save a life!

so what are you waiting for? don’t shop, adopt!

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affordable dog charms

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