chihuahua adoption

considering adoption? here are the top reasons to adopt a chihuahua!

chihuahua adoption
ann pollock, director of chihuahua rescue of san diego, feeling joy, love and gratitude galore

in a nutshell, here are the top reasons why you should adopt a chihuahua!

  • experience joy!
  • connect with love!
  • gratitude galore!
  • life companion!
  • save a life!

so what are you waiting for? don’t shop, adopt!

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  • So glad u are back ,our famous Chihuahua website ,its such a shame the facebook page got hacked. This is great news!

  • Ricco is just precious, thank you for saving him and giving him love and a happy home. I have 2 chi’s angel and lulu and I love them with all my heart they are precious to me.

  • Lo que mas quiero es tener un chiguagua

  • Lo que mas deseo es tener una chiguagua ya he tenido dos la primera me la robaron porque sali de viaje y a mi suegra se le escapo y la segunda se la ha llevado mi hija a nuestro país y la extraño mucho yo estoy en peru trabajando me encantaría tener uno conmigo asi nos hacemos compañía el chiguagua es muy cariñoso y protege mucho a su dueño si pudieran orientarme como podría hacer por favor , escríbanme adoptaría el momento

  • by any chance to you know of a teacup chihuahua that needs rescue? I think my little Bella needs a friend. she is only 4 lbs and does not like any dog bigger than her.

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