In loving memory of sweet Alejandro …

nadia chihuahua memorials

“Look, I’m forever famous!”

This handsome pup is Alejandro.  Sadly, he has passed away last year at the age 11, but his owners are forever grateful that he was a part of their lives.  He was the best little boy ever!  Alejandro loved everyone, especially children!  He also enjoyed laying in the sun, sniffing around the kitchen for food and playing with his toys.

Doesn’t he look just dapper in his cute little bowtie?

Congratulations Sean and Aaron!  Alejandro will always be officially remembered as a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua in Grays, Essex in the UK!

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in loving memory of sweet, precious millie

nadia chihuahua memorials

chihuahua memorial miracle millie

Recenty, Davis Rogers with the MBJungle Foundation wrote us to fill us in on the unfortunate passing away of miracle millie. We featured precious Millie on our page more than several times and she even won in our 2014 famous chihuahua Christmas photo contest.

The MBJungle Foundation introduced Millie to us back in 2014, along with Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day, here on the Famous Chihuahua site. Millie crossed Rainbow Bridge on July 8, 2021 at the age of 15 after years of challenges with more than several birth defects. Millie is missed so very much, but was and will continue to be celebrated as the official poster pup representing MBJungle Foundation, bringing awareness to the interactive role humans play in pets born with birth defects.

It is understood at the MBJungle Foundation that it can be heartbreaking when a pet has birth defects requiring veterinary services.and so they are working towards a future, where decisions about companion animal birth defect medical care needs will never be made based on cost. In honor and celebration of Millie’s life, MBJungle has acquired 501c3 status and will in the near future provide financial assistance for care and treatment for pet parents of pets inflicted with birth defects.

Please consider visiting the MBJungle Foundation website and get on board with working towards reducing the human role played in pets born with defects and help us achieve “Our Vision” by helping us create a positive environment for pets living with defects.

“We love you and will never forget you sweet Millie! Rest in peace baby girl!”

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a tribute in loving memory of princeton

nadia chihuahua memorials

chihuahua memorial

famous chihuahua is sad to report the passing of sweet little princeton.  we first featured princeton in february of 2009 as a newborn puppy, where he was only a mere 3 lbs and only 5 months old!  today we are honoring his mommy’s wishes with a memorial in his memory.

memories of princeton, by katey kristabell

princeton, my sweet boy was my soulmate for over a decade.  he was born a fellow virgo, on september 14, 2008 (the day after my birthday on the 13th) and passed away suddenly on february 7th, 2020 at 1:25 pm of an enlarged heart.  i guess his loving heart grew too big for his little body.

i met my little princeton when he was only 3 months old and loved him more than i’ve ever loved anything.  he was a spunky silly boy right until his sudden end.  as he grew up, he became very fluffy, was so vocal always trying to talk to me and howled like a little wild wolf.

princeton loved tanning in the sun, car rides, barking at strange sounds and strangers, and snuggling.  he would sleep on my pillow and wake me up patting at my head with his little paw while making growling noises.  i still feel his warmth in the nape of my neck when i wake up in the morning.

princeton loved eating bananas and apples, peanut butter and sharing smoothies.  his favorite toys were his plush dice, eyore, and his grumpy care bear.  he was always at my side and i feel lost without him.  at only 11 years old, i thought we had more years together, but i’m so thankful for the wonderful time we did have together.

princeton leaves behind a devoted mommy, who will forever miss and honor him, his baby brother scooter, wild baby sister ruby (my brother and boyfriends mini bull terriers), and his pal riley (papa’s dog)….  r.i.p. sweet princeton … mommy loves you!

please send all condolences to katie via our facebook page where princeton’s memorial is featured.

chihuahua memorial

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tori and hoppi, may you “play in peace” forever and always …

nadia chihuahua memorials

chihuahua memorial

i love you forever my sweet boys ~ dad

“i would like to share the story of my two male famous chihuahuas, tori (black) and hoppi (tan).  this summer i lost both of them within two months of each other.

tori was the youngest at 13 yrs old and hoppi was 15 yrs old.  i never had enjoyed or loved my time with them more than anything else in my life.  an article here at famous chihuahua talks about how chihuahua’s can improve your health.  i had a stressful job as a fire captain and whenever i felt the pressures of my job, i would just think about my two boys and the joy i would have when i came home.  they helped me forget about the pressures of life and we so enjoyed each other’s company.

only other chihuahua owners can relate to the pain, loneliness and this feeling of emptiness upon such a loss of my precious boys.  at my job i am in command of many people and they rely on me to make good decisions in the face of disasters.  people’s lives and property being saved is dependent upon the decisions i make, especially in emergencies.  i have to stay calm and in control at all times.

with my boys gone, i am the complete opposite.  i feel so alone and the house seems to be cold even when the temperature is over 100 degrees.  my mental support group is gone.  i find myself working in my garage until the late hours of the morning.  inside used to be our safe haven.  it’s difficult to be in my bedroom, where at the end of the day we would just relax and love each other.  i have owned many other dogs, but never have i had two dogs that loved me beyond what i thought was possible.

we have a neighborhood park, where fellow dog lovers would walk and play.  everyone knew us there and was so respectful.  people with large dogs would wait in their cars until we were done playing.  i noticed this and thanked them for their courtesy.  a neighbor told me the park is not the same without me and my boys playing there.

tori has had a heart murmur since he was a puppy.  it was never a problem until he got older.  he would be coughing a little bit too often, so we went to the vet and the doctor said the coughing was caused by his heart pushing up against his esophagus or throat area.

his heart was over three times larger than normal.  it grew because his heart valve was leaking and the heart pumped harder to keep up with the oxygen demand of his body.  there are no operations for this problem and all we could do was try to keep him comfortable.  it was only a few months when tori’s little heart could no longer do the job.  i was grateful to be at home when he passed.

hoppi was in fairly good health at the time.  his body wasn’t perfect, but he was also 15 yrs old.  the moment i brought tori home, the two chihuahuas were inseparable.  tori would lie down and let hoppi groom his face.  hoppi would lick his eyes, ears and face every day and night.  of the thirteen years they were together, i believe they were only separated on two occasions and only for a night or two.

after tori passed away and hoppi finally realized he was gone, hoppi went into a depression that he never came out of, despite my desperate attempts to raise his spirits.  the pain from losing tori was far greater than my loss.  hoppi then died of a broken heart.  please don’t let anyone tell you that this is not possible.  i saw the decline of my sweet boy hoppi with my own eyes and couldn’t do a thing about it.  this hurts because i feel like i might have missed something and could have tried to save hoppi?

how to put my life back together after losing two thirds of it is a big challenge.  my boys loved me so much.  we had a great life together laughing, playing, and having fun.  i know they want me to be happy again.  they know i would never forget them and the love we all shared together, so i’m trying to be strong for them as they are inspiring me to live on.

i read the chihuahua memorials posted on this site and cried for every one of them.  i wrote this because i wanted people to know about the incredible love i had for my chihuahuas and the pain experienced with their loss.

there are no rules or book to follow that will help you grieve.  i can’t speak about my chihuahuas without shedding tears, but i know someday i will be able to share stories about them with smiles and laughter.  this is what they would have wanted for me – to be happy whenever i thought about them.

chihuahua memorial

it is comforting to know that they are together up above.  i hope there is a rainbow bridge and that everything about it is true as i do not want them to R.I.P., rather i want them to “play in peace” or make some noise having fun.  i miss them so much.  i miss loving them and them loving me.

i love you forever my sweet boys…

your daddy ~ rex hirahara of sacramento, california


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~ in memory of chiquita the chihuahua ~

nadia chihuahua memorials

chihuahua tattoo

r.i.p. sweet chiquita

famous chihuahua® would like to take a moment to honor the memory of chiquita, the beautiful chihuahua we remember for the amazing tattoo her owner traci xurvein had tattooed on her back.

traci has shared with us another tattoo she had done of chiquita’s paws and nose prints to commemorate her memory.  we absolutely love it.  chiquita will be forever missed.

dog paws tattoo

let us all remember sweet chiquita with this lovely poem.

a bridge called love

it takes us back to brighter years,
to happier sunlit days
and to precious moments
that will be with us always.

and these fond recollections
are treasured in the heart
to bring us always close to those
from whom we had to part.

there is a bridge of memories
from Earth to Heaven above…
It keeps our dear ones near us
It’s the bridge that we call love.

~author unknown

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in memory of gizmo the famous chihuahua

nadia chihuahua memorials


~ r.i.p gizmo ~

here is gizmo’s story as told by his mommy, amie sershen of mechanicville, new york.

“gizmo passed away at 3.5 years old on july 5th 2015 after he ate a bad batch of blue buffalo dog food.  he was extremely spunky and loved my now 8 year old daughter.  he was quite the beggar and would rock back and forth with his eyes half closed, waiting for you to drop a piece of food.  when he got really excited, he would lay on his belly and scoot himself around the room in circles using only 1 back foot to boost himself around.  it was very amusing to watch.

this picture is from christmas 2014.  gizmo had just gotten a new christmas dog outfit and was getting ready to go pounce on his new bed.  my daughter and i miss him all the time.  it wasn’t fair that he was taken from us the way he was.  i watched him pass away within 5 days of becoming sick from the food.  we also have a german shepherd who got sick from the same batch of blue buffalo dog food, but he was able to recover.

gizmo stopped eating all together and eventually and i had to push a liquid broth and rice diet down his throat with a syringe.  the morning of his death was spent rushing him to the vet again because he woke up with tremors that he couldn’t control.  he lost all function of his body and couldn’t even stand up.  he died at 11am.  i’ve never lost a pet before and i think about him everyday.

gizmo was amazing, a fun and lovable little dog that meant everything to me.  we did adopt a new chihuahua, but gizmo can never be replaced.  i hope that everyone who reads this is careful about the dog food they feed their chihuahuas, just because it says “natural” doesn’t mean it is free of risks.  the bigger the company you buy your dog food from, the more likely mistakes like this can happen…

rest in peace my sweet gizmo, i will always love you.”


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