a loving memorial for sweet tequila, felicity and wally’s famous chihuahua

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tequila the famous chihuahua

a message from tequila to his wonderful mommy and daddy, felicity and wally hubbard

“to have loved me and then said farewell, is better than to have never loved me at all.  for all of the times that you have stooped and patted my head, fed me my favorite treat and returned the love that i so unconditionally gave to you.  for all the care that you gave to me so unselfishly.  for all of these things, i am so grateful and thankful.

i ask you mommy and daddy that you not grieve for my loss, but rejoice in the fact that you found me, loved me and we touched each others lives.  my life was fuller and happier because you were in it, not as my masters, but as my guiding life companions.  i will love and cherish you forever!  you were the best puppy parents a chihuahua could ever ask for!”

sincerely, your sweet tequila …xoxo

smartest chihuahua in the world

“god bless your precious little heart tequila, you are a sweet memory forever ingrained in my life.”
~ love from your first mama, nadia alterio, the editor and founder of famouschihuahua.com

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a heart-warming video memorial to honor the memory of everything rosie

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everything rosie ~ rescue, hope, love ~ 02/14/2010 – 10/10/2013

rosie the chihuahua is a testament to a dog’s ability to love, forgive and provide hope in the midst of the most horrendous circumstances.  she was a victim of backyard breeding and was discovered horribly disfigured because of unforgivable inbreeding, negligence and sheer carelessness.  her story shocked dog lovers everywhere, but her courage and strength has made her forever a symbol of rescue, hope and love in educating people about the real dangers of puppy mills and backyard breeding.  visit rosie’s wonderful site at everythingrosie.com

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in loving memory of sweet lady di, sandy burdette’s precious chihuahua

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lady diana the chihuahua

sadly, sweet lady di the chihuahua passed away in her hometown of texas on march 22.  she was the love of sandy burdette’s life.  sandy knows that one day she and lady will be reunited and lady will be waiting for her over the rainbow bridge, wagging her tail ready for mommy’s kisses.  lady was the most perfect little fur baby in the world to sandy and she will be forever grateful for all the years of lady’s kisses, memories and above all, unconditional love.

chihuahua lady diana

famous chihuahua honors the memory of sweet lady di, sandy burdette’s precious chihuahua

does your chihuahua deserve a memorial?  click here to submit their picture!

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the amazing story of mia, the precious chihuahua born with cleft palate

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i love you mama!

this is mia’s story as told by her mama, sue rogers of the mia foundation …

my precious mia was born with a cleft palate. mia had several surgeries, (all of which had failed.) although she was taken to the top universities and to the top veterinarians, she was given little hope of survival. i was told that euthanasia was best. i refused to give up on her and vowed to fight for her as long as she continued to fight.

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forever live on the memory of sweet daisy, an amazing rescue chihuahua

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r.i.p sweet daisy

“r.i.p sweet daisy”

sweet daisy went to doggie heaven on may 7th, 2012. she had a miraculous life and loved everyone. as a stray, she was found in the streets of del rio texas by the reyes family at a mere 7 months of age. she had been abused, she was starving, she had a large sore on her back, she had ticks, fleas and was losing all of her fur.
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farewell to my dear sweet chihuahua angel…mommy will love you forever

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i love you mommy!

angel lived with her mommy rosemary glaza in hagerstown, maryland. sadly, angel passed away from kidney failure in april of 2010. she loved to receive hugs and would drag her water bowl to the sink when it was empty. she was also featured as one of the cutest pets of america in 2011. here is a poem that symbolizes the loving relationship she had with her mommy.

treasured friend

i lost a treasured friend who has gone away,
a little dog who used to lay.
her gentle head upon my knee,
and shared her silent thoughts with me.

she’ll come no longer to my call,
Retrieve no more her favorite ball.
A voice far greater than my own,
Has called her to his golden throne.
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