obese chihuahua dog

10 reasons why an obese chihuahua is a serious health concern

is your chihuahua porky?

due to serious health concerns, this overweight chihuahua has to lose some weight!

10 reasons why why an obese chihuahua is a serious health concern

  1. shortens lifespan
  2. leads to diabetes
  3. requires a special diet
  4. causes joint injuries
  5. can trigger tracheal collapse
  6. causes lethargy
  7. diminishes stamina
  8. more at risk during surgery
  9. dimimishes immune sytem
  10. leads to digestive disorders

so the next time your porky little chihuahua comes to you begging for food, remember that you’re doing your chihuahua a favor by saying no.

picture source: dogtown: the road home : fri jan 29 10


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  • I have an obese Chihuahua, his name is Scooter. He hates going outside and his favorite food is steak but we cant give it to him often because he keeps chocking. He has lost most of his teeth, he is ten years old. His tongue is always out. He isn’t even able to jump on the couch anymore he needs constant aid to get into bed. My uncle always claims that that he doesn’t know how Scooter got fat but we all know he shares his snacks with him at nighttime. I don’t think its healthy to feed your chihuahua everything you eat and then dog food. Scooter is my uncles best friend, and I am getting worried that if the weight gain continues he will not make it much longer. When he passes away my uncle will be devastated. We need to have an intervention and make my uncle put Scooter on a diet.

  • i rescued an obese Chihuahua and it’s so sad. He can’t run and play as the others do. He can’t get up on the sofa on his own. His wounds heal slowly. He loves his walks, he loves his cuddles….and I love him. I just wish I could make the weight fall off……but he is now so compromised that even with a low cal diet and excercise, it just is so hard to reduce his weight.

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