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we all have a cute and funny chihuahua names that we have given to our chihuahua that came about to describe something that is unique or characteristic of them.

teaka the famous chihuahua has several humorous and cute nicknames that are descriptive of her unique and quirky personality.  here are some examples:

“mussillu” – a family favorite. pronounced “moo see loo”. italian for “little snout” because her little nose is one of her cutest features. you can see it well in her ‘teaka gets a bath’ video above!

“bella” – italian for “beautiful” because she is beautiful with a shiny and healthy fur coat!

“pupillu” or “puparella” – nana’s favorite. pronounced ‘poo pee loo’ and ‘poo pa rella’. italian for a little doll, like one might make reference to a little child.

“trouble” – teaka can be quite mischievous at times so we might say to her when she enters a room, “oh look. here comes trouble …”

“killer” – a neighborhood favorite. when teaka goes for a walk she likes to let people know she is boss with her ‘big’ bark.

“the mexican” – teaka is actually from mexico so it just makes sense! (no pun intended!).

“mooch” – pretty self explanatory. she just happens to appear whenever you have food.

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