cute, funny and adorable chihuahua bedtime stories! what’s your story?

chihuahuas are notorious for their bedtime rituals. some like to sleep in their own little beds and some like to sleep on the floor in their owner’s bedroom, but most chihuahuas like to sleep next to their owners in bed all snuggled under the sheets.

teaka the famous chihuahua loved to hog the bed and burrow until she found the perfect spot to park herself for the night.  usually it was right next to mommy, but on occasion she would end up at mommy’s feet, at mommy’s backside and even the other side of the bed sleeping as a person would.  it remains a mystery to this day as to how on earth she was able to breathe under all those sheets, but it sure was funny to hear teaka snore once she fell asleep.

does your chihuahua have a cute or funny bedtime routine?  share your story with famous chihuahua and our readers.  we’d love to know!  post them in the comments below!


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  • Romanie Baines.
    March 25, 2017 9:12 pm

    This happened one night soon after I adopted my Wally, a rescue Chihuahua mix. We were in my bed sleeping, it was winter and cold here in New York, he had burrowed completely under the covers next to me. It was about 3am when I woke up hearing a strange thud noise. Puzzled, I looked for Wally in the bed, no Wally to be seen. Alarmed now, I thought that he must have fallen out of the bed onto the floor. I got up and searched for him, not finding him near the bed, or anywhere in my bedroom, I looked all over my apt, the kitchen, bathroom, everywhere, calling his name. No Wally! Now I was starting to add panic to feeling puzzled.
    I searched the bedroom again, and this time noticed a mysterious lump at the side of the bed, something appeared to be caught in the tucked-in sheets and blankets and was suspended there about a foot off the floor!
    Yes it was my 8lb Chihuahua! He was actually standing up in there, caught in the bedding at the side of the mattress, above the floor.
    He had never uttered a sound while I searched through the entire apt calling his name. He was not hurt, and it has never happened again!

  • My girl has to groom me before she goes to sleep and she won’t let me go to sleep until ive been groomed. My Daughter watched her for a week and she said no until the first night and finally gave in.

  • My chihuahua, Lorretta Lynn, usually goes to bed before me as I’m a college student and spend most of my night awake studying or doing work for class. At about 11:30 she will curl up into my blanket and has recently started stealing one of my pillows to sleep on and on the rare occasion I get to go to sleep at a normal hour I will wake up to her lying on my pillow with me snuggled up against me.

  • my chihuahua, charlie likes to sleep with me.and he snores bless.4 weeks ago nearly.he became a dad to five adrable puppies but 2 died ): the mum was our poodle and the puppies names are,
    dixxie,diego and paco.
    two boys and a girl

  • my puppy pancho bean is so hilarious wen its time for bed he lays down on his back head turned to his side and doesn’t care and his legs are WIDE open lol

  • my long haired chihuahua, Mighty (ha ha), only sleeps on blankets and sheets with our scents on them. so when we bought him a new dog bed, we had to put a sheet from MY bed on it so he would sleep on his new bed! he also likes sleeping on one of our beds and some times gets under the blankets!

  • Mr. Pants has taken over his Mama’s bedtime ritual. Both Toobie & now Mr. Pants when it’s bedtime will take over my pillow! I will move him, go to lay down & before my head hits the pillow he’s on it again. When I finally get my pillow back he will then plop right on my head! I guess he’s telling me “This is MY pillow Mom”. Lol My babies seem to think they are human, rather than pups. twitter.com/o0ochillyo0o

  • My chihuahua plays football ! True story… she has a tiny ball and she flips it onto her own back and lets it roll down until it drops, then she trys to kick it using her back legs. You would have to see it to belive it lol. I have not learnt her this trick, she has done it herself since she was a puppy. I think she may have been a footballer in another life lol

  • Sophia will fluff up her blanket ” roughly” until it perfect for her and then makes a huffing noise and passes out”.

    most times she wiggles down the sheets and curls her body to us.. I love my Sophia..
    do most of ur chi’s have a certian bedtime, bcause around 9:30-10:00 she gets tired?

  • At bedtime, Bandito finds his way under the sheets and curls up in between Brandon’s legs! It must, sometimes, get too warm for Bandito because at some point during the night, he makes his way back up to my pillow to snuggle in my neck. So cute!!!

  • My little chihuahua does exactly the same thing. I have no idea how she doesn’t suffocate!

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