which one of these chihuahua pictures will win our easter photo contest?

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presenting our 2015 easter picture contest contestants!  click images to enlarge.

which is your favorite?  winner to be announced this easter sunday!

2015 spring dog fashions

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… and the winner of the famous chihuahua easter picture contest is zeke!

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easter bunny chihuahua

“… cute and funny as a bunny, here’s your winner, zeke!”

congratulations to zeke’s mommy mei albertson from hawaii!  we are thrilled to inform her that zeke has won our 2014 famous chihuahua easter picture contest!  how egg-citing!

what makes zeke’s picture eggs-tra special?

zeke’s picture was taken in front of ‘rabbit island’.  the irony being that this very small island is actually known as okunoshima, but is nicknamed ‘rabbit island’ because there really are stampedes of  cute, little bunnies running around everywhere!  it’s an everyday occurrence!  tourists flock to the island for its rich history and natural beauty, but everyone knows the real reason people go is to see all the bunnies!

what has zeke won? 

zeke will receive a customized luxury gift box hamper for dogs from the famous chihuahua store filled with adorable chihuahua clothes and accessories and an authentic famous chihuahua® dog t shirt she can wear with pride.

what else? 

a glamorous tutu just like all the celebrity pets are wearing from the world-renowned teacuptutucharm.com!  2 bags of little l’s krak’ems!  these naturally wholesome all meat brittle dog treats, a gorgeous snuggle puppy blanket from the award winning snugglepetproducts.com, a copy of the award winning family approved book, the legend of the smiling chihuahua, and dog food from petbrosia.com

and here are the 1rst and 2nd runners up …

congratulations arianna from ohio, her little man nacho is our 1rst runner up!

chihuahua bunny ears

“everyone needs a friend who is all ears.”

congratulations to kathy benson from missouri!  her chihuahua bella is our 2nd runner up!

chihuahua on lap of easter bunny

“easter is another eggs-cuse to look cute!”

and what has nacho and bella won?

nacho and bella will receive an assortment of 1 oz. sample bottles of maqnifiscent grooming & finishing splash and an organic shampoo bar! as well as a copy of the award winning family approved book, the legend of the smiling chihuahua.

… and now a gallery of cute easter chihuahuas for you to enjoy!

famous chihuahua would like to thank everyone who submitted their chihuahua for our contest.  if your chihuahua didn’t win and you know your chihuahua is destined for super stardom, then click here to submit your chihuahua picture! and make your chihuahua famous!

sale on chihuahua clothes!

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..and our easter chihuahua contest winner is peek-a-boo chihuahua!

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congratulations to angelina, from northeast missouri her sweet little chihuahua quila, who is posing as the easter bunny in this fabulous picture! quila is our 2011 famous chihuahua® facebook chihuahua easter picture contest winner!

quila is now officially a “famous chihuahua” and has won an authentic famous chihuahua® dog t-shirt … here are our top picks for this year’s chihuahua easter pictures!

i'm a princess

italy’s marco aurelio’s adorable baby alma, posing pretty as the daughter of flowers!

hurry and take the picture mummy!

vera van munster’s tiki the chihuahua easter bunny! what a trooper for posing in this picture!
stay tuned chihuahua lovers for some more fabulous cinco de mayo chihuahua picture fun!

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