“Celebrate International Chihuahua Appreciation Day, Sunday, May 14th!”

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teaka, chihuahua behind interntional chihuahua appreciation day

Mark your calendars! International Chihuahua Day 2023 is on Sunday May 14th! How are you going to celebrate? This year we are honoring the beloved memory of, Teaka, the chihuahua icon behind International Chihuahua Appreciation Day!  

Happy Chihuahua International Chihuahua Appreciation Day 2022

Check all out these chihuahuas with celebration signs!

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international chihuahua appreciation day

How did International Chihuahua Appreciation Day Start?

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Dumpy the senior chihuahua rescued by the Big Bang Theory’s, Kaley Cuoco!

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Dumpy the senior chihuahua was once so scared in a shelter.  He was then pulled by photographic artist, Rita Earl Blackwell for A Purposeful Rescue and ended up being fostered by actress Kaley Cuoco from the Big Bang Theory!  He then turned into the happiest puppy ever and Kaley decided she just couldn’t live without him!  What a fabulous rescue story!

Be sure to follow Kaley and Dumpy on Instagram!

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