demi moore and her chihuahua pilaf

Demi Moore at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival with her famous chihuahua, Pilaf!

Demi Moore returned to the Cannes 2024 Film Festival this past weekend with her little dog by her side: her famous chihuahua, Pilaf.

The 61 year old actress attended the French film festival where her new film, The Substance, was spotlighted. The last time Moore walked the red carpet was in 1997 for the film Ghost, but for this appearance, the Ghost actress was adamant in bringing her adorable tan and white long-haired chihuahua Pilaf along for the trip. Pilaf was more than happy to put on a smiling furry face, and let her tongue hang out in true chihuahua fashion.

“She is a treasure, she is my little extra heart,” Moore told  Stephen Colbert during an appearance on his show back in February where she referred to Pilaf – who weighs a mere pound and a half – as her “teeny, tiny companion”.

The Hollywood star also told Colbert that she thought Pilaf might even be a Guinness World Record holder for the smallest dog because she is the size of a guinea pig!

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