why does my chihuahua snore? how can a tiny dog make so much noise?

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teaka the famous chihuahua snoozing – how can something so small snore so loud!”

snoring is a common occurrence in chihuahuas and has nothing to do with a collapsed trachea.  it is attributed to their short muzzle and sometimes it is loud enough to wake the house up.  it can be incredibly funny when you have visitors as no one can believe that such a small dog can make that much noise.

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chihuahua nutrition: feed your chihuahua fresh romaine lettuce!

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teaka the famous chihuahua loves romaine lettuce! watch her eat a nutritious romaine lettuce leaf! click the chihuahua video below! crunch, crunch, crunch!

looking for the perfect snack to give your chihuahua? a healthy snack that’s packed with nutrients and is juicy, crispy and crunchy? look no further, feed your chihuahua romaine lettuce!

fresh romaine lettuce is full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber. with its extremely low calorie content and high water volume, romaine lettuce is actually a very nutritious food.

romaine lettuce is also an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, manganese, and chromium and is very good source of dietary fiber and 6 vitamins and minerals.

nutrients found in fresh romaine lettuce

take a look at the nutrients found in fresh romaine lettuce!

other than being highly nutritious snack and low in calories, romaine lettuce is also a fast and safe way to hydrate your chihuahua on those hot and dry days or when your chihuahua just isn’t drinking enough water.

when selecting romaine lettuce for your chihuahua, make sure it is crisp, with unwilted leaves that are free of dark or slimy spots. be sure to wash it before giving it to your chihuahua.

the edges of the leaves should also be free of brown or yellow discoloration and they should have compact heads and stem ends that are not brown.

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famous chihuahua does tricks for treats video
famous chihuahua does tricks for crunchy red pepper!

photo source: whfoods.com – (the world’s healthiest foods – profile romaine lettuce)

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how to read dog food labels

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learn how to read the nutrition label on your chihuahua's food!

learn how to read the nutrition label on your chihuahua's food!

ever look at the label on your dog’s food and you didn’t understand what you were reading? ever wonder if the ingredients listed meet optimal nutritional requirements for your chihuahua?

dog food labels can be full of information, but sometimes we don’t understand what everything means. here are some pointers to help you understand what you are reading when it comes to dog food labels.

  • foods labeled as “completely balanced” or “nutritionally complete” meet nutritional requirements for either adult dogs, or puppies and pregnant or lactating females. these standards are set by the american feed control officials (aafco).
  • the label of a completely balanced food must indicate the group for which it is intended.
  • ingredients on a label are listed in descending order by weight.
  • the different components of a single ingredient are often listed separately (for example, ground corn and corn gluten meal), which changes the order in which these ingredients are listed.
  • nutritionally balanced dog foods always contain some plant products. dogs love meat, but they are actually omnivores. this means they need the nutrients found in both plant and animal food.
  • the nutritional analysis lists minimum crude protein and fat content, as well as maximum fiber and moisture content. the percentages are as fed values, meaning just the food with nothing added to it.
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why own a chihuahua?

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teaka the famous chihuahua

teaka ... the famous chihuahua who inspired this website

why own a chihuahua? there’s a danger you know,
you can’t own just one, for the craving will grow.
there’s no doubt they’re addictive, wherein lies the danger,
while living with lots, you’ll grow poorer and stranger.

one chihuahua’s no trouble and two are so funny,
the third one is easy; the fourth one’s a honey.
the fifth one is delightful; the sixth one’s a breeze,
you find you can live with a household with ease.

so how ’bout another? would you really dare?
they’re really quite easy but oh lord the hair!
with chihuahuas on the sofa and on the bed,
and crates in the kitchen, it’s no bother you said.

they’re really no trouble; their manners are great,
what’s one more chihuahua and just one more crate?
the sofa is hairy; the windows are crusty,
the floor is all footprints, the furniture all dusty.

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