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how to read dog food labels

learn how to read the nutrition label on your chihuahua's food!
learn how to read the nutrition label on your chihuahua's food!

ever look at the label on your dog’s food and you didn’t understand what you were reading? ever wonder if the ingredients listed meet optimal nutritional requirements for your chihuahua?

dog food labels can be full of information, but sometimes we don’t understand what everything means. here are some pointers to help you understand what you are reading when it comes to dog food labels.

  • foods labeled as “completely balanced” or “nutritionally complete” meet nutritional requirements for either adult dogs, or puppies and pregnant or lactating females. these standards are set by the american feed control officials (aafco).
  • the label of a completely balanced food must indicate the group for which it is intended.
  • ingredients on a label are listed in descending order by weight.
  • the different components of a single ingredient are often listed separately (for example, ground corn and corn gluten meal), which changes the order in which these ingredients are listed.
  • nutritionally balanced dog foods always contain some plant products. dogs love meat, but they are actually omnivores. this means they need the nutrients found in both plant and animal food.
  • the nutritional analysis lists minimum crude protein and fat content, as well as maximum fiber and moisture content. the percentages are as fed values, meaning just the food with nothing added to it.
  • crude means the analysis was made with a laboratory instrument, which is somewhat accurate, but doesn’t tell you anything about the digestible content or how much of the nutrient your chihuahua can actually use. it is suggested that you contact the manufacturer for that information. you can check the label for a toll-free number or website.

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picture: teaka the famous chihuahua is fed only quality foods and it shows.
reference: karla s. rugh, d.v.m., ph.d – chihuahuas, vol 3, 2nd edition


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  • My darling wee chihuahua, now age 10 years, has in my belief, been fed the best to my knowledge. He, is never sick and I attribute his goood fortune to…Royal Canin Chihuahua P28, dry food which includes the joint formula and heart enzymes. He also loves broccoli tops, coked and brussel sprouts, Macintosh apples. He has been lovingly cared for allll these years, daily walks, and he has the same enthusiasm today as in day one..He, is one, happy little man and IS the love of my Life…Long live PERRY XXXXXX

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