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healthy snacks for chihuahuas

chihuahua snacks on cantalope

with so much processed food on the market, do you ever wonder what foods are healthy for your chihuahua to snack on? its ok to allow your chihuahua to indulge on occasion, but just be sure to choose healthy treats.

if you are selecting from store-manufactured dog food, make sure you check the package label for the nutritional analysis, ingredient list and recommended serving. some manufactured treats are actually formulated to provide complete nutrition, but this doesn’t mean it should be the staple of your chihuahua’s diet.

as with people, it is best to avoid treats with too much sugar, salt or fat. crunchy treats tend to have less sugar than semi-moist ones, so they are better for your chihuahua’s teeth and waistline. in addition, they provide satisfying chewing exercise which also promotes dental health.

low-cost alternatives to commercial snacks include:

vegetables: cooked, raw or frozen – carrots, broccoli stems, green beans, fresh peppers, peas, lettuce stems

fruits: apples, pears, bananas (only small amounts to avoid digestive upset)

breads: crackers and dry cereal (only occasionally and reduced fat or no-fat)

cheese: high in fat so offer only reduced fat on occasion

meat: small chunks of cooked lean meats – chicken, turkey, pork, steak, liver

teaka the famous chihuahua favorite snacks: fresh red pepper slices, romaine lettuce stems and broccoli

* it is important to note that not every food that is safe for humans is also safe for your chihuahua. do NOT feed your chihuahua chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins or macadamia nuts – all have been associated with toxic reactions ranging from vomiting, diarrhea and death

source: karla s. rugh, d.v.m., ph.d – chihuahuas, vol 3, 2nd edition
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  • hi can my chihuahua have eat smart veggie sticks.

  • ginger gregory
    January 21, 2017 9:44 am

    Okay, long story short, it is a MUST, BRUSH THEIR TEETH EVERYDAY! Like it or not! Just do it! Please! Take this advise very serious!

  • ginger gregory
    January 21, 2017 9:16 am

    My Nina girl was the best! She lived to be 16 years old, !She and I went every where together! When she was not on her leash she stayed right with me never ran off , she would not let anyone get too close to me or like a big dog she would show her teeth! She loved salad (dry of course, no dressing) she also ate Milk Bones for going outside to do her business, BEWARE MILK BONES look it up, not good for long term use, preservative used will harm the spine. I FAILED!!My little girl DIED TOO soon ,she would fuss when teeth brushing, hubby ,leave her alone she doesn’t like!! PERIDONITAL DEASE 16 years with her! I visit her grave every weekend and tell her how sorry I am. I LOVE YOU NINA! Almost 2years now.

  • Ian…
    There are two things to explain lactose intolerance. 1) The ability to properly digest lactose is lost after babyhood. 2) Cow’s milk (which is what cheese is make from) is meant for calves, not dogs (or people for that matter). It has the perfect nutritional content for a calf. Each mammal mom produces milk perfectly suited for its babies.

  • Ive just read that chihuhuas are lactose intolerant but you mentioned giving them cheese .also if their lactose free how did they take milk from the mother .it’s quite confusing as to what your saying or recommending .

  • Is there any dog food dry that our little chihuahua will eat.

  • Is can chicken puppy food ok for a puppy? My Bella is 3 months, and prefers it and I can’t get her to eat dry puppy food unless she is out side with us and our Lab, then when she sees him eating it, she gobbles it. lol She has went from about a 1 1/2 lb when we got her to 3 1/4 lb now.

    When can I try her on the raw veggies as a treat. She loves puppy milk bone and that helps to let her know she done something good.

    She is very feisty and gets hyper when the day goes on, will she calm down soon? She had rather be down playing then in our lap and if she is, she is usually nipping at our hands or my ankles if I’m walking around. Hoping she will always be playful but would so love to cuddle her some also with out her chewing on me. lol

    Any suggestions appreciated. Will she get calmer when grown and not teething?

  • My male chi is a well behave, he is very friendly, he loves to kiss my nose a lot. He is only 2 yrs old.he is allergic with grass.

  • my girl chihuahua, lucy, loves peas and carrots and frozen blue berries, and i was wondering is it safe to give her some strawberries? if so how much? she weighs only 3 and 1/2 lbs.

  • my chihuahua only takes a few pieces of dog food out of her bowl and eats them out of the bowl lol

  • My baby is 16yrs. and has lost eyesight, I wish i had money for vet alas at this time i dont. Please help me if you have any suggestions. Im worried about her.
    Thank You

  • I understand that low sweeter is toxic to dogs. Is this correct? Do you have a complete list of toxics that the dod breed should not eat? Thank you for your help.


  • Dogs love pork and have no problem with it unless they’re kosher

  • is it ok to give my chi a little bit of cool Chamomile tea, he is crying when i drink it and not give him some.

  • my chi guy trys to get to my Chamomile tea when i drink to, it’s not sweet at all, is it ok to let him have some?

  • my 8 yr old chihuahua lately will not eat her food unless i put one or two liver treats in it. Is this ok or to much for her.

  • Cindy Williams
    March 15, 2012 5:09 am

    I’ve been feeding my little 2 year old rescue chi (Gabby) Royal canine for chihuahua’s. I have been including a little hamburg or chicken in her evening meal. Is this okay? My husband thinks she will not eat her dry because of this. I say it’s good for her.

  • We Just got a Chihuahua. I understand how Some are built more stocky and others very boney and yet both are healthy. When the one we got was a pup, he looked like he would be stocky so I agreed to take him. Since then, he has become really skinny and is getting that hump in his back as he ‘tiptoes’ around. I’d like to fatten him up a bit, but safely. Any suggestions?

  • Our 8 month old Chihuahua, Anna-Bell loves peas, broccoli, red cabbage, lettuce, carrots and weetabix cereal. Her favorite dinner is sliced chicken diced very small, mixed with weetabix and peas. She always clears the plate. we also feed her kibble-the royal canin chihuahua and bakers puppy chicken and vegetables and moist meaty chunks varieties. we recently tried her on real poached salmon and she devoured it. she is thriving. we got her aged 6 months at 3lbs 5oz and she is now 5lbs 10 oz and as skinny as you can be. we hope she will fill out a little bit after her spay (next week ) she is still wearing size small clothes!

  • my little girl(5months) Leyna does the same thing with her big brothers bog boy dog food, she will carry it to another room or play with it before eating it. i haven’t ever realized the raw veggies were ok, i will have to try those, but i knew her dog food( halo) has cooked veggies in it.. Thanks for the list!

  • Romy, my little girl Chi, Bella does the same thing with her food. Picks a few pieces up with her mouth, carries them to the next room and eats them there. Hilarious! I use cat treats as treats for Bella, but she eats “small bite” dog food. Her favorite treats are anything dairy and crackers. I didn’t know raw veggies were ok, we will try that out.

  • My boy chihuahua, Weezy, will not eat any green vegetables or dogfood but anything alse usually is devoured. Meow Mix is his day to day food. He carries 5 or 6 of the peices to a different room & eats them there . My friends chihuahua’s will only eat catfood also. Is this the norm?

  • does this also work 4 big dogs

  • I was told by 2 different vets to never give dogs pork since they can’t digest it.

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