naughty naughty famous teacup chihuahua video (NSFW!)

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let us formally introduce you to teaka the famous chihuahua

teaka is the very reason this site exists. the chihuahua face you see in the famous chihuahua logo was designed around teaka. her unique personality, humorous behaviorism’s and feisty little attitude has inspired this site in more ways than one. what can we say, we love our little ‘naughty’ mexican.

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Comments 17

  1. Valerie

    My little betty boop does this to my black lab its sooooo funny. The big dog just lays there and acts like nothing is going on while my Chihahua goes to town!

  2. Dixie

    LOL, My Bruno (bless his rainbowed soul) was just like that, except he didn’t ‘love’ the bear up, he would drag it around in a sitting postion, wrap one arm around the neck and the other around the belly and then suck on it’s head. But for all intents and purposes, Teaka looks just like him in every way. Makes me miss him so very much.

  3. Melissa

    Lol. Too funny. My parents female chihuahua does this with only one of her stuffed animals(a monkey)

  4. Post
  5. Crystal

    I so thankful I found this website, its so helpful, please expand it. Um so apparently girl dogs do that too?!

  6. annie savannah

    My dog loves vegetable and fruit..she looks and is so healthy so it is great to know somone else feeds theirs lettuce I will try this as well..she doesn’t like anything meaty or even fishy..she is more or less vegetarian and she choose this diet..turning her nose up at food she didn’t like..her favourtie food is carrots and she has these as her bones..

  7. donatella

    Teaka I met in Arizona this year, I fell in love with her. I’ll miss her like crazy, until we meet again “lil” teaka…..ciao bella xoxoxo

  8. Kim in Florida

    hahahaha, That is funny.

    Now I feel better that my Chi girl is not the only one that does that. She has a stuffed Snoopy bigger than her that she carries around. One minute she’s asking me to throw it for her to fetch. The next she’s attacking it like a shark. And the next minute she’s loving on it like your baby. And she sleeps with it. I guess that means they’re healthy pups. (You can see a pic of her in my Facebook page. I’m on your fan page.)

  9. sanjeev bhadresa of teacup chihuahuas

    That’s so funny, though I think that teaka and the “object of her desire” need to get a room!

  10. Minx

    Teaka, you saucy girl. My Tinks “gets it on” with her long squeaky pink poodle, with a big head we named Nicole Ritchie. Don’t tell her I told you 🙂

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