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colors and markings of the chihuahua breed according to akc standards

chihuahua colors and markings

chihuahuas are a unique breed that comes in a variety of beautiful colors and markings.  the akc recognizes 29 colors and 11 markings in the chihuahua breed.  chihuahuas can be any color, solid, marked, or scattered.  several different color combinations exist and can be found in both short haired and long haired chihuahuas.  (photo credit:

for show purposes, chihuahuas are classified by type – standard or alternate – as well as by a code, which references the registration application for the chihuahua being shown.

here are the official color and markings for the akc chihuahua breed standards:

description Type Code
black S 007
black & tan S 018
blue & tan S 044
chocolate S 071
chocolate & tan S 072
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description Type Code
black brindling S 073
black mask S 004
black sabling S 072
merle markings S 035
spotted on white S 071
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colors and markings of the chihuahua breed

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