famous chihuahua believes all chihuahuas are equally precious, but please consider adopting and rescuing a chihuahua before a breeder. visit our chihuahua rescue organizations page.

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united states

chielle chihuahuas – california/louisiana

salem’s finest chihuahuas – salem, oregon

tiny haven chihuahuas – illinois

las vegas tiny chihuahuas – nevada

tk ranch chihuahuas – arizona

coco’s chihuahuas – michigan

marquis royal court long coat chihuahua’s – mississippi

bonbon chihuahuas – texas

badger crest kennel – washington

lavida chihuahua’s – kansas

rinks little chihuahuas – ohio

misti’s chihauhuas – north carolina



jones chihuahuas – alberta



the chihuahua club – the uk’s [england’s] premier longhaired chihuahua puppies

channah’s chihuahua’s – holland (netherlands)


chihuahuas are characterized by the american kennel club under the toy group breed and follow specific chihuahua breed standards

american kennel club chihuahua breed colors and markings

why you should never buy your chihuahua puppy from a pet store

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