pet store chihuahuas

why you should never buy a chihuahua from a pet store!

pet store chihuahua puppies

“if you see a cute chihuahua puppy in a pet store window, don’t buy it!”

chihuahuas sold at pet stores come from puppy mills!

that’s right, we all know about the horrific conditions of puppy mills and how they are the homes of unregulated dog breeding owned by shady breeders, but many people who are in support of banishing puppy mills and people who simply want to purchase a chihuahua puppy don’t even know that most pet store puppies come from puppy mills!

if you are reading this and you did buy your chihuahua from the pet store, don’t fret.  feel good that you saved a life and consider yourself an amazing person, but please keep the following points in mind if you are going to buy another:

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never buy a chihuahua from a pet store

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puppy mill chihuahuas

“teddy and harley, both puppy mill survivors fighting to stop puppy mill breeding!”  save a life and adopt your chihuahua from a local shelter or from a credible puppy mill rescue organization.




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  • I bought my chihuahua from a small pet store she stole my heart. I asked a lot of questions they gave me information where she was breed and her and brother were transported to a buyer the pet store. She was vet checked weekly. I looked up breeder and was a private breeder with pictures of where pups are born. After I purchased her she went to my vet and she was in great health the vet said her coat was full and shiny vet said good sign she was taken care of. If you do buy a puppy from a pet store ask a lot of question read reviews of other customers that have bought puppies at that store. My Pheobe Will be 3 years old in Jan 2017 the only thing I noticed about her is she gets very nervous at loud noises and is very needy Wants to be loved lots which we give her lots of.

  • Wanda Cooper
    August 7, 2016 4:29 pm

    I have just been adopted by my Chihuahua mix….6 months ago. She too was a breeder dog, having give birth to 4 litters of puppies and pregnant with a fifth when she was rescued by a group in New Mexico and brought to Colorado. She is only 2 years old. The worst hump my husband and I are really working on… to get her over, is fear. She is afraid of new people, we are taking her everywhere ..and trying to let her see the world is a good place with caring people in it..we have a way to go but she is going to do it! She survived and made to us, which told us that all things are possible. We are so lucky to have found her!

  • Mary,
    Unfortunately, you are causing the problem. As long as people convince themselves they can purchase from a pet store, puppy mills will continue to breed thousands of ill dogs in terrible conditions. Only when people stop buying from pet stores will it end.

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  • Poor little poochies! I am “between dogs” at the moment, but my sister has a blue Merle chihuahua she rescued from the shelter. ChiChi was abandoned at the shelter during a snowstorm, left outside in nothing but an open cardboard box. From what the vets could tell, ChiChi was a breeder dog at a puppy mill. She had marks on her skin and fur from laying on wire cage material, and was malnourished and very frightened. The poor thing had very little human kindness. She had very recently given birth. Thank goodness for the wonderful people at the shelter, and the person who had decided to come in early because of the storm! Little chis can’t take cold and snow! Now, ChiChi is like a brand new dog, beautiful coat, happy and friendly disposition, and loves all people, dogs, cats, pet bunnies, etc. What a difference some love can make! Your new best friend can be waiting for you at the shelter!

  • I really have to say that yes buying your life friend from a pet store is not the first option, but please understand that some of them do need saving, just because they ended up for sale this way, does not mean they do not have a chance in life. We live in a very cruel world and we shall never stop exploitation of animals, especially in foreign countries. I am very blessed to have given my two a chance.

  • My chuleta came from a pet store, by accident, and although I believe that my life would have been/would be empty without her, i would never consciously buy a puppy from a pet store. i think it is also important to note that many pet store owners mistreat the dogs that are for sale, whether it is done intentionally or out of ignorance for how to properly care for dogs. the crackdown on puppy mills is increasing, daily, especially with great organizations like National mill dog rescue on the case (, so please adopt your Chi, next time, if given the choice! I know I will!

  • I did buy my chihuahuas from a pet store in Dubai. I brought them back to England coming up to 4 years ago. I just lost our beautiful eva she nearly made it to ten years, she was very fragile when i got her, but she kept my first chihuahua company (with a bit of terrier in him) he is coming up to 11years and we have had so much love to give them and them us. I am so pleased they did not go to an arab family, which would have happened. So i consider their lives richer because i did. God bless our little eva, you are in our hearts and your brother is still waiting for you. Love you eva x mary

  • The scary thing is, what happens to the puppies that no one buys at the pet store. Maybe there should be a law against selling them without proof of where they come from. I would hate to think they are treated cruelly if they are not sold.

  • Absolutely disgusting, not only for chihuahuas, but any breed. no dog deserves this….if you can’t treat them like family and have them in your home, not tied to a chain or locked in cages, you shouldn’t have one nor do you deserve one!

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