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a tribute in loving memory of princeton

chihuahua memorial

famous chihuahua is sad to report the passing of sweet little princeton.  we first featured princeton in february of 2009 as a newborn puppy, where he was only a mere 3 lbs and only 5 months old!  today we are honoring his mommy’s wishes with a memorial in his memory.

memories of princeton, by katey kristabell

princeton, my sweet boy was my soulmate for over a decade.  he was born a fellow virgo, on september 14, 2008 (the day after my birthday on the 13th) and passed away suddenly on february 7th, 2020 at 1:25 pm of an enlarged heart.  i guess his loving heart grew too big for his little body.

i met my little princeton when he was only 3 months old and loved him more than i’ve ever loved anything.  he was a spunky silly boy right until his sudden end.  as he grew up, he became very fluffy, was so vocal always trying to talk to me and howled like a little wild wolf.

princeton loved tanning in the sun, car rides, barking at strange sounds and strangers, and snuggling.  he would sleep on my pillow and wake me up patting at my head with his little paw while making growling noises.  i still feel his warmth in the nape of my neck when i wake up in the morning.

princeton loved eating bananas and apples, peanut butter and sharing smoothies.  his favorite toys were his plush dice, eyore, and his grumpy care bear.  he was always at my side and i feel lost without him.  at only 11 years old, i thought we had more years together, but i’m so thankful for the wonderful time we did have together.

princeton leaves behind a devoted mommy, who will forever miss and honor him, his baby brother scooter, wild baby sister ruby (my brother and boyfriends mini bull terriers), and his pal riley (papa’s dog)….  r.i.p. sweet princeton … mommy loves you!

please send all condolences to katie via our facebook page where princeton’s memorial is featured.

chihuahua memorial