the miraculous story and video of charity the amazing chihuahua!

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famous chihuahua would like to introduce it’s readers to the miraculous story of charity the rescue chihuahua. little charity is both a blessing and an inspiration to all. she is a symbol of hope and unconditional love.

two years ago, charity the chihuahua was rescued from the lancaster shelter by jon and his friend sherry from pooch heaven ranch. charity’s spine had been severed in half while in a near fatal car crash. the vet said her prognosis was not good and thought it might be best to put her down, otherwise she would have to be confined to a doggy wheelchair.

jon and sherri from save dogs online decided to go against the odds and take a risk with little charity. it is with great excitement that we inform you of how charity is doing today. charity has a new home in seattle, washington with a fabulous adopter named cinnamon.

she loves her new wheelchair and is living pain free. the video above is of little charity cruising around pooch heaven ranch before she was adopted. you can see that the exercise is good for strengthening her front leg muscles and that she can even cruise faster than most rescue dogs with four legs!

the message is simple. if you love chihuahuas, adopt one. some of the most amazing and “heaven-sent” pets are only a dog shelter away. thank you jon and sherry for not giving up on sweet little charity.

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Comments 6

  1. andrea

    Wow, that brought instant tears to my eyes! I just imagined my lol Lucy Loo like that and oh my… People started staring and asking if I was ok. Lol I don’t dare show Lucy’s daddy that or he’d be balling like a baby. Lol

  2. Jonathan

    Thank you so much for featuring Charity’s story. She’s going really well still and living in her new home in Washington state. Please remember that Charity was adopted from a shelter–and that should always be the FIRST option when looking for a new dog. There are lots of purebred Chihuahuas, especially in large city shelters, that only have a few days to live if they don’t get adopted! Thanks, Jon

  3. kristy

    I just loved this what a touching story it was. The lil baby is so pretty. I have 6 chihuahua I love them with all my heart. They are my babies. They are heaven sent dogs for sure.

  4. Mary,Roseville Ca.

    Jon and Sherry God Bless you for not giving up on Charity she looks so happy and healthy.Cinnamon what a gift she will be to you and you to her.
    Thank goodness for people like you!

  5. Allie

    This story was great to hear and very inspirational. I just got my Chihuahua Coco yesterday from the Humane society. She has heart worms and I was worried about how she would do but after reading this story I know sh will be fine.

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