macou chihuahua appreciation day

“happy international chihuahua appreciation day! we love you harley!”

chihuahua appreciation day

 “may 14th is international chihuahua appreciation day!”

famous chihuahua® dedicates this day to honoring the legacy of harley, a chihuahua puppy mill survivor who touched the lives of thousands, if not millions!  learn about harley’s legacy here.

harley puppy mill chihuahua

this day also marks the 15th birthday of teaka the famous chihuahua, the iconic chihuahua megastar who is the inspiration behind everything that is famous chihuahua!  “happy birthday teaka!”

teaka famous chihuahua birthday

if you own a chihuahua, be sure to give them a nice little pat on the head and lots of kisses today to let them know how much you love and appreciate them!

treat them to a nice walk in the park, a special meal, a car ride, a belly rub or spoil them with some new chihuahua clothes and cute chihuahua accessories!  it doesn’t matter what you do, just pamper them with your love and affection.  we guarantee you will get that love in return!


and now, famous chihuahua® celebrates with their annual international chihuahua appreciation day picture extravaganza of chihuahuas displaying their pride and devotion to harley’s legacy!

click images to enlarge!




click the below picture to see a close up!  it’s awesome!


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