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chihuahua lovers celebrate international chihuahua appreciation day!

may 14th, celebrate international chihuahua appreciation day!

“spread the word and celebrate! may 14th is international chihuahua appreciation day!

today chihuahua lovers from around the globe are celebrating our 2nd annual international chihuahua appreciation day! if you own a chihuahua, be sure to give them a nice little pat on the head and lots of kisses to let them know how much you appreciate them!

treat them to a nice walk in the park, a special meal, a car ride, a belly rub, spoil them with some new chihuahua clothes and cute chihuahua accessories! it doesn’t matter what you do, just pamper them with your love and affections. we guarantee you will get that love in return!

the inspiration behind the occasion: last year famous chihuahua® declared may 14th the 1st international chihuahua appreciation day to honor the birth date of one the coolest canines in the world, teaka the famous chihuahua.

teaka is the reason famous chihuahua exists. she is also the embodiment of a universal trait all chihuahuas share, unconditional love. in an effort to acknowledge this wonderful universally-shared characteristic, international chihuahua appreciation day was created.

“happy 10th birthday my dear sweet teaka, …mommy loves you very much!”

so join in the chihuahua appreciation day festivities and post your birthday wishes for teaka at the famous chihuahua facebook fan page! here you will find chihuahua lovers from around the world sharing how they pampered their fur babies or what they did to show them appreciation! …we invite you to share your story too!

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