iconic pet megastar teaka the famous chihuahua celebrates birthday

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teaka the famous chihuahua celebrates her birthday and famouschihuahua.com declares may 14th international chihuahua appreciation day!

today chihuahuas from around the globe celebrate the birthday of one of the coolest canines on the planet, teaka the famous chihuahua! we invite you to join in the festivities and post your birthday wishes for teaka here or at the famous chihuahua facebook fan page!

over the years, teaka the famous chihuahua has been the inspiration for everything wonderful that exists at famouschihuahua.com. every chihuahua story, picture and helpful chihuahua information posted stems from the love that teaka’s mommy has for her. it is this love that all chihuahua owners can relate to and the very reason why teaka is symbolically representative of chihuahuas everywhere.

famous chihuahua® hereby declares may 14th an international day for chihuahua appreciation, so if you have a chihuahua, give them a nice little pat on the head and lots of kisses to let them know how much you appreciate them!

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Comments 9

  1. StatsGuru

    Oh, you must have been a beautiful baby ‘Cause baby look at you now! Happy Birthday Teaka!! Give your Mom a lick for me!


  2. Heather Chandler

    Aw, Happy Birthday, Teaka! I hope you have a wonderful Birthday, and recieve lots of pets and Cookies! ^^

  3. Scully the Bloodhound

    “ROO! ROO! ROO!” Loosely translated, Scully is saying, “Happy Birthday Teaka!”

  4. Mike

    Happy Birthday Teaka! You are the coolest, funniest, sweetest and best chihuahua I know! Enjoy your special day!

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