spend time with your chihuahua to create a bond of emotional trust

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teaka the famous chihuahua bonds with mummy

take time for your chihuahua today to build that emotional and physical attachment that is the underlying basis of their unconditional love for you… teaka and nadia, buddies forever.

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Comments 3

  1. Ashley & Jake

    <3 We love our little baby girl, she's the most lovable animal i've ever encountered. The only downside to her lovableness is that she is so over protective of my fiance and I, is this normal?

  2. Todd

    This couldn’t be any truer. I bond with my little boy every night when I’m ready for bed. he licks me in the face and I give him kisses back. he then turns around a couple of times and cuddles up in the fetal position up against my sides then i pet him until his cute little eyes get heavy. a very special moment like no other!

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