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submit a picture and story of your chihuahua and we will make your chihuahua famous for a day!

famous chihuahua believes that all chihuahuas should be famous, so we are inviting chihuahua owners from around the world to submit their chihuahua pictures.

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tell us what you think makes your chihuahua so lovable, special and unique! if your chihuahua loves to wear chihuahua clothes and accessories, please tell us about their wardrobe as well and what clothing item they look the most adorable in!

we ask that you please include the following information:

  • the age of your chihuahua
  • his or her name
  • their favorite foods and snacks
  • if they were adopted, rescued or are from a chihuahua breeder
  • their favorite play toys
  • funny habits they have that you love
  • a fun story about them you want to share
  • fun tricks they can perform
  • how they have enriched your life or inspired you
  • the part of the world you live in
  • your name
  • additional notes that pertain to the picture(s) and the circumstances it was taken under

please note, when submitting pictures, you will have to copy the url image location to the content box. example:

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