the PetziConnect, see your pet on video!

Petzila's PetziConnect

famous chihuahua® and petzila™, a pet-loving technology company, is proud to introduce you to a pet webcam that allows you to interact and monitor your pet remotely from anywhere on your smartphone, ipad or computer, the PetziConnect

“the PetziConnect™ is your answer to never missing or worrying about your pet again!”

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how simple is it use this pet webcam?  by simply downloading the free app to your smartphone, you can connect to the PetziConnect™ right away and see your pet on video, talk with them via an audio connection and then give them a reward!


while technology may explain why PetziConnect™ makes sense, the mutually satisfying experience and heart-warming smile that it creates explains Petzila.  PetziConnect™ marries the smartphone with man’s best friend, facilitating an interactive connection and the ability to dispense a pavlovian surprise from anywhere at anytime – resulting in a mutual smile every time!

a powerful pet app

intuitive controls allow you to interact seamlessly with simple and common-sense settings like audio, alerts and scheduling. easy to navigate and quick to set up.


security and peace of mind

transparent to the user, PetziConnect™ operates upon a 128-/256-bit encrypted, proprietary transport layer that blanket secures our three PZ modules – Portal (mobile or web), Cloud, and PetziConnect™ device.  By building out the Petzila architecture from the bottom up, we ensure secure access and peace of mind at all times.  its robust, stylish and smooth with rounded corners, has an HD camera and crystal-clear sound along with an easy-fill treat dispenser.  it mounts securely and comes with a 1 year warranty.


take your chihuahua or dog viral with a pet webcam!

PetziConnect™ also allows you to snap a photo or record a short video in real time HD during your check-in and upload it to FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


meet the incredible man behind the PetziConnect™, dave clark!

dave clark and his chihuahua

dave has two adorable chihuahuas, mr. Bigg and bella!  wouldn’t you know it, his chihuahuas are the inspiration behind the petziconnect!

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Petzila was founded in 2011 with the mission of bringing pets and their owners closer together through today’s most popular trends and technologies.  By creating a fully interactive and social experience, Petzila’s first product PetziConnect will allow people and their pets to communicate via the net in a way that strengthens the emotional bond.  With a broad array of patents pending, Petzila is creating a platform of technology solutions promoting interactivity, health maintenance, training, and overall well-being. For additional information, please see our website at; and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  Petzila and PetziConnect are trademarks or tradenames of Petzila, Inc.