famouschihuahua.com seal of approval

what is the famouschihuahua.com seal of approval?

the famouschihuahua.com seal of approval is a badge of excellence awarded to pet related websites that:

  • are charitable and provides helpful information to pet owners
  • sell high quality pet products that we feel are considered exceptional
  • are educational in nature
  • are well designed and grade A in presentation and,
  • are entertaining and family oriented

is your site worthy of a famous chihuahua seal of approval?

sites awarded agree to:

  • post the famouschihuahua.com seal of approval image on their pet website and link it to the famouschihuahua.com homepage or a preferred famouschihuahua.com url
  • place the seal either on their homepage or a click away from their homepage so visitors can see that their site has been awarded for its excellence

sites awarded with a famouschihuahua.com seal of approval

petstay – for when you need your pet to stay in a good way!

urbanpup.com – designer pet boutique offering high quality pet apparel.

uniquelyrourke.com – the official website of actor mickey rourke.

nomination process

do you have a site or know of a site that you would like to nominate?

you may nominate your own site or one that you do not own but think deserves recognition. we ask that the site you are nominating meets the awards criteria as stated above.

to nominate a site, email the following information to [email protected]

please include in the subject line:
famouschihuahua.com seal of approval nomination

  • name of the site
  • brief description of the site
  • URL of site

if you are the owner of the site please also include:

  • your name or company name
  • the URL of the page where the seal will be displayed
  • contact email

when nominations are received, the site will be reviewed to determine if it meets our awards criteria guidelines. please allow up to 2 weeks for a response.

if a site meets the awards criteria guidelines, the site owner will be notified by email that they have been nominated or awarded. if they are accepting of the award and agree to post the seal they will then be sent the seal image with posting instructions.

we will not notify you if the site is not approved for the award. if you have not received a notification by email within 30 days of the nomination submission, you may reapply if the site content has changed or you think the site was mistakenly overlooked.

we reserve the right to refuse awarding the seal for any or for no reason at all. the famouschihuahua.com logo and mark are legally trademarked so unauthorized use of the seal will result in legal action.

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