“and the winner of our 2012 halloween contest is chihuahua bumble bee!”

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posie the chihuahua bumble bee!

” …. look mommy, i won!”

congratulations to dana walsh!  her chihuahua posie is the winner of the 2012 famous chihuahua® halloween picture contest!  posie and dana live in walnut creek, california where posie loves to run around outside amongst all the pretty flowers just like the adorable little bumble bee that she is!  posie has also been featured as a famous chihuahua!

posie’s picture will appear as the month of october in the 2013 famous chihuahua calendar!  for a sneak peek of what her calendar picture will look like, click on her image above!  posie has also won her choice of a sparkling “bling, bling” dog charm that is attachable to both dog collars and necklaces and are made from stunning shimmering crystal and swarovski pearls!  she will also receive a famous chihuahua car and laptop decal!

… and here is a select number of our favorite chihuahua halloween picture submissions!

buzz, buzz

meet marvin ella knabb!  can you believe this precious little bumble bee was rescued from the back alley dumpsters of chicago, illinois?  now he’s a famous chihuahua!  what a happy rags-to-riches ending!  thank you Kelly Pearce and Jacob Knabb for rescuing this baby!

what's this big orange thing mommy?

meet joey!  this handsome little guy lives happily in miami, florida with his mommy and daddy.  what a great picture!  congratulations cristy and michael paez, joey is famous!

i'm a princess!

meet bella!  this picture perfect baby doll belongs to lacey shreve and is from baton rouge, louisiana.  what a princess!  congratulations lacey, your little “miss priss” is famous!

peek a boo!

can you spot the chihuahua?  meet winsome mickey!  this little’ darling belongs to mallory martin of bellevue, washington!  congratulations mallory, winsome is famous!

i witch you a happy halloween!

meet marlo the little witch!  this little baby girl belongs to ronala turner of nashville, tennessee.  at only 11 months, marlo has already made her claim to fame with this fabulous picture!

… and for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order, here is a “fun, furry and fabulous” picture gallery of chihuahuas in halloween costumes that will absolutely make your howl-oween!

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… and our 2011 halloween costume contest winner is chihuahua frog!

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Bark-ribbet, bark-ribbet, bark-ribbet

.. “bark-ribbet, bark-ribbet, bark-ribbet … i’m the cutest little chihuahua frog in the universe!”

congratulations to trieste treat stringer! her chihuahua quigley is the winner of the 2011 famous chihuahua® facebook halloween costume contest! quigley isn’t much bigger than a frog, so this costume was perfect for him! ..”bark-ribbit, bark-ribbit” …

little quiqley has won a customized gift box filled with new chihuahua clothes and accessories from the famous chihuahua store and a famous chihuahua® dog t-shirt that he can wear with pride now that he truly is a famous chihuahua!

shop for the perfect christmas gift for your chihuahua!
check out our winter sale on chihuahua clothes!

and in no particular order, here are our top picks for chihuahua halloween costumes!

chihuahua yam!

lupita the chihuahua as a little ram! .. look at those adorable little horns! unbelievably cute!

chihuahua spaghetti and meatballs!

little miss molly the chihuahua as spaghetti and meatballs! … what a hoot!

chihuahua shark!

“yikes! it’s a great white shark! oh wait, it’s only joey paez the chihuahua dressed as a shark!”

chihuahua pirate!

.. it’s the immortal captain jack pico the chihuahua pirate! ..”arrrrr, .. drinks all around!”

chihuahua ballerina!

bella luna the chihuahua ballerina …this little dancing superstar loves to shake her little tutu!

ghostbuster chihuahua!

bella the ghostbuster! .. “who ya gonna call? ghostbusters!” we just love the creativity here!

chihuahua angel!

sweet little angel-baby the chihuahua … “is your guardian angel your chihuahua?”

chihuahua lobster!

“the world is my lobster!” … meet fuga the chihuahua lobster! “got butter?”

we absolutely loved all the chihuahua halloween pictures that were posted at the famous chihuahua facebook page! it was very difficult to narrow it down to the pictures that we did, but if your chi-baby didn’t get selected this time, keep trying as we will be running themed chihuahua contests with great prizes as often as we can!

check back for details on the 2011 famous chihuahua® facebook christmas picture contest!

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tank dog chihuahua wins petsmart halloween costume contest!

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tank dog chihuahua wins 1st place at a local petsmart’s howl-o-ween costume contest. the costume is actually made from cardboard and paper clips (for the tracks). don’t worry though, this little guy was in no way harmed while wearing his costume and was well rewarded with treats as he made his way along the path of victory!

have you entered your chihuahua in our halloween costume contest yet? enter your chihuahua to win big in the 2011 famous chihuahua® facebook halloween costume contest!

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