pros and cons of getting a teacup chihuahua

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paris hilton with the ever-famous teacup chihuahua tinkerbell

everybody knows tinkerbell hilton. the ever-famous teacup chihuahua that is always visible in paris hilton’s presence. you can see how small it is when it actually fits into paris’ handbag!

actually, there are only two kinds of breeds of chihuahuas: short haired and long haired. terms like “teacups”, “deer heads”, “apple heads” or “toys” are not the officially recognized breeds in major canine organizations like the UKC or AKC.

everybody goes crazy over teacup chihuahuas ever since chihuahuas made numerous debuts on TV shows and movies. but why is it that everyone goes crazy over these small canines? the answer is very simple. no other dog can beat these teacup chihuahuas and their cute-factor. they are simply adorable and irresistible!

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