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pros and cons of getting a teacup chihuahua

paris hilton with the ever-famous teacup chihuahua tinkerbell

everybody knows tinkerbell hilton. the ever-famous teacup chihuahua that is always visible in paris hilton’s presence. you can see how small it is when it actually fits into paris’ handbag!

actually, there are only two kinds of breeds of chihuahuas: short haired and long haired. terms like “teacups”, “deer heads”, “apple heads” or “toys” are not the officially recognized breeds in major canine organizations like the UKC or AKC.

everybody goes crazy over teacup chihuahuas ever since chihuahuas made numerous debuts on TV shows and movies. but why is it that everyone goes crazy over these small canines? the answer is very simple. no other dog can beat these teacup chihuahuas and their cute-factor. they are simply adorable and irresistible!

so, before you head to a pet store to get your very own teacup chihuahua, as a soon-to-be-owner of a teacup chihuahua, you got to know the pros and cons of getting one. small does not mean that it is going to be easier for you to manage. believe it or not, these teacups dogs can be pretty much a hassle to handle, compared to other majestic dogs.

the pros

1. it is definitely a good companion as it is very loving and loyal. they can get easily jealous though. so, just remember to start training them early. once they know a little bit about socializing, they will be more confident of the people around them.

2. size doesn’t matter. teacup chihuahuas make excellent watchdogs, as they are very alert. however, they might bark excessively, so you will definitely need to train them on how to remain quiet.

3. teacup chihuahuas are pretty easy to train. as the matter of fact, there is no need for you to send them to dog schools. this will spare you from spending hundreds on a dog trainer.

4. teacup chihuahuas are ideal apartment dogs too. other breeds of dogs are pretty big and not suitable for a apartments. teacup chihuahuas are small and they will fit in nicely in any apartment.

the cons

1. these adorable dogs are prone to have health problems. since it is small in size, it is morel likely to face more health problems like respiratory problems and dehydration.

2. teacup chihuahuas are also prone to injury. these creatures are small and fragile and kids often play rough with them. some might even step on them! so, if you have kids, then it is best not to consider adopting a chihuahua, or they might end up hurting it.

3. they are so adorable such that we tend to over-feed them. this can cause the chihuahua to be obese and obesity shortens their lives. they can also end up with other illnesses like diabetes.

4. these teacup chihuahuas are so small that they can’t even provide enough warmth for themselves. make sure that your chihuahua has its sweater on during winter to give it extra protection and warmth.

basically, these teacup chihuahuas are very fragile animals. it is so fragile such that it requires your attention 24/7. there is no way you are able to keep it out of your sight.

it has cuteness that you can die for, but if you think that you are not up to the challenge of taking care of this “demanding” pet, then it is best that you go for a different breed instead.



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  • Teresa Martin
    March 11, 2017 9:53 pm

    Hi I’ve had Peanut about a month now. Is so smart and so entertaining. I get more joy from this little guy then from any other pet I’ve ever had. And he’s very easy for me to take care of since I’m disabled. One question. I had him pretty much housebroke but as soon as I gave him more freedom he started pottying all over the house again. Do you know what might have caused it? Should I kennel him more? I really don’t like doing that.

  • Rosalinda Banda
    March 5, 2017 7:30 pm

    Just got a teacup yesterday. How much n how often should I feed her?? Water is all have given her.

  • I have owned dogs all my life from Mostly large breed dogs period but fell in love with this little chihuahua t cup size… gar old and I get her next month could you please give me the best food for diet I could give her being I absolutely have no idea what these little dogs need thank you

  • I’m suppose to pick up my teacup chi tomorrow he’s a white-deerhead 2.5 lbs 11 weeks old .What should I look for???

  • By the way. I just commented about my teacup Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix, Cesar. I forgot to add that although it took some time & a lot of worry, Cesar is completely switched over to dog food. At first he was eating Iams, but since have switched him to, Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit Meal Formula…High Protein, Grain Free, Gluten Free. He also gets Instinct Raw Rabbit Formula which is a frozen meat diet. Is this a good choice of diet for him& if not why and what would be best? We shop at Petco.

  • My little teacup Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix is 4lbs. I’ve had him for about 3 months & he’ll be 2yrs old in Feb. The previous owner fed him only table food since birth & never had him vetted. About a month ago I took him to my vet, had him neutered, his shots (rabies/distemper & parvo), a few baby teeth that hadn’t fallen out removed & a surgery to remove a testicle that hadn’t dropped & was rolling around next to the inside of his leg, however after reading about the issues they can have I feel maybe I haven’t done enough. Is there anything else that would be suggested I get done to ensure he’s healthy? We’ve become inseperable & even my 3 cats love him, esp my 20 lb, 6 yr old bengal, Ghia. She even cleans him. I’d like to give him the happiest, healthiest & longest life possible. Life without Cesar just wouldn’t be the same.

  • I have “tea” cup chi. On the paoers for the mom it states teacup. But if there is no such thing why did they list it on her papers? She weighs abou 5lbd. The boy chi also listed as teacup. Weighs maybe 2 but I doubt. The two of them just had pups. There is one out the five that is extremely small. The pups are now 4 weeks the others kick her to the curb all the tme. So I keep a close eye on them. Im not into the breeding business. But I’m going to keep the “runt”. Whats the best way to keep her from not getting a change to eat and make her a bed where she will not be lonely. I hold her all the time and try to keep her warm. And not shaking. Any suggestions.

  • I used to have a teacup poodle had her for many years she died in her upper age of her lifespan yes it was a little hard raising her but I was very caution with her her name was fe-fe I dearly miss her it is very important on how you raise them i prefer the tiny one”s they are cute my little fe- fe weighed about 3lbs

  • I have a tiny chihuahua just over 2 lbs. and yes she is adorable and yes she has health problems that did not show up until she was maybe 2 yrs old. she is always hungry and is bone thin and she started to have seizures and should be given daily barbiturates she is 1/2 receptive to interaction and may be partially blind and the apple head may be a Sign of having water in the brain so this is not the greatest thing and these little dogs may have a much shorted life span the normal and you may have to put them down due to illness so be carful. I love my chiquz but I’m also very sad for her I have her dad who is maybe under 4 lbs and he’s almost 15 and totally healthy so you never know with These dogies

  • OUr very tiny chi will be 15 years old in june. I am home with him 95 percent of the time. We had bouts with hypoglycemia and teeth issues also some arthritis and he has a full wardrobe to keep him warm or shielded from the sun. We are blessed with a happy, healthy little guy – well worth the extra effort!

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