shaking puppy syndrome: a condition in dogs known as hypomyelination

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shaking puppy syndrome is a disease that effects the central or peripheral nervous system of the brain and is medically termed hypomyelination.  the good news is that your puppy can grow out of it and still grow up to live a happy and healthy life.

at birth, often puppies that develop the syndrome are normal.  they later develop symptoms at 1 – 2 weeks old.  typically they begin to tremor and it’s predominantly more noticeable in the hind legs.

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what you should know about the labels on your pet food

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what you should know about pet food labels

did you know that a popular pet food label myth is that “meat first” on the ingredient list means more and better-quality meat?

it’s a fact, consumers tend to focus on the ingredients in pet food rather than on the nutrient value and digestibility of the food.  this occurs because people can’t understand pet food labels, so they look for anything that relates to human food labels.

what information should you look for?

what pet owners should look at is the nutrient value and whether it meets the daily requirements their pets need and how well those essential nutrients will be absorbed during digestion.

because the ingredient list provides little information on the nutritional value or overall quality of a pet food, look for one of these three statements on the packaging that must answer these important questions:

  • does the diet contain all the essential nutrients that a pet needs?
  • how that was determined?
  • for which age or life stage is the diet appropriate?

clearly, the need to improve and simplify pet food labels is necessary

people want the best for their pets as they are often seen as family members, so to help consumers make better and more informed decisions, data label specialists and ethical dog food companies are creating info graphics that show:

  • how pet food is currently labelled,
  • the terms used in the ingredients list,
  • and the creative marketing used to promote these terms

the must-read article, calls for clearer labeling on pet food, educates and shows the consumer these very helpful info graphics.

for chihuahua owners specifically, the ebook, caring for chihuahuas made easy: breed information, health care and nutrition also provides you with helpful information on pet food labeling.

start now. do the research. educate yourself on the importance of understanding pet food labels.  your pet will thank you for it!


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how to prevent bad breath, decayed teeth and bacterial infections in your chihuahua

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in this video, you can see the infected gums of this chihuahua and a decayed upper back tooth that led to bacterial infection of the mouth and later, the heart.  many chihuahua owners don’t recognizing how important it is to ensure your chihuahua has healthy teeth and gums.

poor oral hygiene in chihuahuas will lead to oral tumors, bad breath, loose decayed teeth and bacterial infections of the mouth that spread to the heart.  what can you do?  the eBook, caring for chihuahuas made easy:  breed information, health care and nutrition has the solution.


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