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This simple read with colorful and descriptive imagery shows you how to properly care for your Chihuahua so they live a long, happy and healthy life.  It also teaches you the secret on how to extend your Chihuahua’s lifespan!

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Here are more sample pages and health issues addressed!

Micro-sized teacup Chihuahuas, luxating patellas (bow-legged), health concerns related to the Merle Chihuahua gene, blue Chihuahua health problems, breathing problems due to a collapsed trachea, shaking puppy syndrome and why pet store chihuahuas are a health risk!

teacup chihuahua facts chihuahuas luxating patella merle chihuahuas blue chihuahuas Tracheal collapse in Chihuahuas never buy a Chihuahua from a pet store Shaking puppy syndrome in Chihuahuas Chihuahua Breed Standards: What you need to know.

Examples of the many important questions answered:
  • How do I know if my Chihuahua needs to see the vet?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of a sick Chihuahua?
  • Why does my Chihuahua have bad breath?
  • How can I tell if my Chihuahua has gum disease? Periodontal disease?
  • What food should I feed my Chihuahua?
  • What specific foods are toxic to my Chihuahua?
  • What does it mean when my Chihuahua wheezes or has seizure-like episodes?
  • How do I know if my Chihuahua is overweight?
  • Why is my Chihuahua so protective of me?
  • Why does my Chihuahua bark?
  • Why does my Chihuahua snore so loud?
  • Why does my Chihuahua shiver all the time?
  • What do I need to know if I want to breed or show my Chihuahua?
  • Why are my Chihuahua’s eyes watering?
  • Why is my Chihuahua so aggressive?
Examples of important topics covered:
  • Chihuahua behaviorism’s, proper grooming and safe walking harnesses.
  • How to keep your Chihuahua’s fur coat looking super healthy and shiny!
  • How to tell if a Chihuahua is the right pet for YOU!
  • The kind of housing environments Chihuahuas are best suited for.
  • Chihuahua AKC breeding standards, colors and markings.
  • How to avoid kennel cough.
  • How to stop scratching or dry itchy skin.

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~ Vanesa Semler, Certified Show Breeder, www.hollywoodchis.com


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~ Jerico Rodrigas from Santa Fe, New Mexico.


“A truly enlightened approach to raising and caring for your Chihuahua!”

~ Casey Robbins from Manchester, New York.

“A wonderful book for people who have Chihuahuas. I recommend it without reservation!”

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“This book will help you keep your Chihuahua healthy and disease-free!”

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Nadia Alterio and her famous chihuahua Teaka

Nadia Alterio is the Editor and Founder of FamousChihuahua.com, a fun and informative website that features Chihuahuas and offers helpful Chihuahua information.  She is also the owner of a very happy and healthy 16 year old Chihuahua named Teaka.  In 2011, she founded International Chihuahua Appreciation Day celebrated on May 14th by Chihuahua lovers worldwide.

For years, Chihuahuas have been a part of Nadia’s family, which has allowed for Nadia to gain an immense amount of knowledge of the breed while working with many veterinarians and pet professionals along the way.

As a former professional athlete, Miss British Columbia, Psychology Graduate, Online Marketer Extraordinaire and loving mother of a beautiful boy, Nadia’s life journey has been nothing short of incredible.  She currently lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, where she runs Famous Chihuahua® and is a proud representative of her Italian heritage.

*Important Note

The content of this book is for general informational purposes only.  It is not meant to be a definitive guide for medical care.  If your Chihuahua has a health condition that needs attention, please bring it to your veterinarian immediately.

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