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the chihuahua, with its apple-dome skull and large luminous eyes, can wear a remarkably human expression at times

is the chihuahua the right pet for you?

the chihuahua, with its apple-head skull and large luminous eyes, can wear a remarkably human expression at times and will want to be with you most, if not all of the time.

warning: don’t buy a chihuahua if you don’t have the emotional real estate in your heart or the time for the complete love and attention of this furry little pet.  they are like children.

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is the chihuahua the right pet for you?

chihuahuas can be smooth coat or long coat.  apple head or dear head, blue coat or merle coat,  there is no chihuahua breed standard distinction made between the two in the united states, since both smooth coat and long coat can occur in a litter.

a few generalizations can be made.  find out what they are in caring for your chihuahua made easy

these tiny and sometimes teacup size dogs are certainly unaware of their diminutive stature: they can be bold with other dogs much larger than themselves, and protective of their masters.

why are chihuahuas aggressive at times?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

the chihuahua needs a great deal of human contact: touching, petting, and general attention… read more in caring for your chihuahua made easy

opinions differ on how to bathe a chihuahua.  learn how to bathe them properly in caring for your chihuahua made easy

it’s good to start a nail trimming routine early on, so that your chihuahua becomes accustomed to your handling its paws not to mention getting used to the clippers.  learn how to car for your chihuahua’s paws in caring for your chihuahua made easy

owners should also be aware that chihuahuas are prone to knee problemsfind out what knee problems in caring for your chihuahua made easy

How long can your chihuahua live up to?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

when buying a leash for your chihuahua, remember that its neck is rather small and delicate compared to other dog’s necks.  you cannot (and, indeed, should not) yank your dog around by the leash.  a body-harness for small dogs is recommended for two reasons: find out why in caring for your chihuahua made easy

chihuahuas also prefer several small meals per day.  learn what to feed your chihuahua and what foods are toxic to your chihuahua in caring for your chihuahua made easy

are chihuahuas good with children? what sleeping habits should you be aware of?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

chihuahuas are quite the sun-worshipers.  they prefer to bask in the sun for hours and have been known to lie in a spot of sun no larger than the size of a half-dollar!  unfortunately, they are not sensible in this regard and will stay in the sun even when panting begins.

when is the sun too much for chihuahuas?  why do chihuahuas shiver?  find out in caring for your chihuahua made easy

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Comments 149

  1. Elena

    Hi i have a baby chi named sheba his only 11 weeks old very playful and sweet, ive noticed after i bathe him an hour later he smells again plz help? Also is there a puppy perfume or special shampoo that i should be using? I do bathe him in puppy shampoo as i have a pomeranian 6months old also and shes fine..
    Also how do i toilet train him..

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  5. Marissa

    I have a tiny chihuahua, her name is Cherry. She is been sick for the last 3 days. I took her to the vet today and they found nothing, however she is in some pain because she was crying and running because of pain! I don’t know what wrong with her and is so frustrating not being able to help her! She is 6 years old! They all kind of tests!

  6. Rita

    Question: I found a cat ball bed that I thought might work well to give my boys a place to sleep in the hot nights of summer to keep them off me! Will Chihuahua’s​ sleep in their own “cave” off my bed & out from under my bedding? I can’t take another summer of sweltering with these two heaters!

  7. Tracy Storm

    I hope you are able to keep your baby. It would be terrible for both of you to be separated. My boy, Bentley, came to me when he was 3years old. He did some marking at first but now he pees on a piddle pad or when we walk outside. You can purchase a belly band which holds a sanitary pad to take care of the marking inside problem. Remove it to take him outside & let him sniff & mark to his delight. Does he have a crate? Bentley loves his, the door is always open. If I go out when I come home he’s usually sleeping in it. Maybe an interactive feeder would help entertain your boy. Gives him some stimulation. I got lucky, my boy has no major problems except for some stubbornness but I just have to speak firmly & remind him who’s boss now & then.
    Good luck with your baby.

  8. Neva Dixon

    Hello I have a question… I have a 5yr old Chihuahua named Carlos… He has a bad habit of sleeping between me an my boyfriend when we are sleeping and we are trying to break him of doing that…. Any suggestions on how to get him to sleep in just one spot of the bed without any of us being uncomfortable… HELP PLEASE!!!

  9. Christa

    I have a 8 year old Chihuahua and part Papillon. Her name is cupcake and is nervous around other people even though she grew up with others. She likes to lick the floors and gets hair balls from it. I have a Papillon and Pomeranian that sheds. I try to keep the floors as clean as I can. Cupcake has started breathing heavy and sounds like she is snoring at night or possibly congested from trapped hair inside. I have tried many home remedies to help her get rid of them, but not working. She sounds bad when breathing and I’m really worried about her. Unfortunately I don’t have the funds to take her to the vet. So I don’t know what is going on inside of her. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen to their fury friend and if so what can I do to help her breath better? Thank you.

  10. Terri

    We just put a collar on our four month old chihuahua and she’s been ACK strange she’s not playing or anything what can we do

  11. Madison

    I’m currently 15 and I’m one year older than my chihuahua . My parents got him for me when I was 2 and ever since then he’s always been my little baby. My parents talk on and on about getting rid of him since being as he is a male dog , he tends to mark his territory on everything but I recently just found out that my mom was talking to my dad about getting rid of him, putting him in a good home, told my dad to talk to me about it and a few days later when she asked him again he said that he wouldn’t do that to me since I’ve had him my whole life. I’ve grown to attached to him and just thinking about him passing on hurts me. He’s been there for me for everything. He helps me with my depression and relapses. He’s just always there. Anyway, my friends hate him lol. He’s very protective over me so he has left scars on some of my friends. They won’t see that he’s acting a really nice dog once he gets use to you. He’s turning 15 on July 1st ahh. I wish I could attach a photo of him, he’s so adorable. People use to say he looked like a pig because his nose is pink and his tail is curly like a pigs.

  12. Leslie Gottschalk

    We got Bella as a rescue dog ago 9 months. At first she was not house broken and very fearfuk particularly of men. She barked incessantly at strangers. She’s now over 2 years. We’ve socialized her by being around more people. She’s much better now. Though she will always bark at the mailman & delivery people. Chihuahuas are superb watch dogs.
    We had 2 Bichons when we got her and she got along very well with them.
    I’ve had 3 wonderful Boxers, a St Bernard & a Wired hair terrior growing up. But this Chihuahua is the most affectionate dog we’ve ever had. She will come & stand on my lap when I try to read, just to get a kiss on her face. She loves her tummy rubbed, and of course she snuggles under blankets. Took awhile to house train her, but she now rarely pees inside. (She hates the cold so I must go outside “with” her to be sure she pees. ) I ALWAYS put a coat on her when it’s below 40. And we use only a harness when walking her. She chokes very easily if the leash is attached to her collar. [Chihuahuas have such small necks; best to use a harness to walk them.] We have red mulch in our back yard, to make it easier to find her tiny brown poops. We feed her 1/4 cup of Purina One SMALL bites (red bag) with 1 tbls. of chicken or beef or lamb, twice per day. She often leaves some of the dry food. She weighs 7-8 lbs. She is a “deer” Chihuahua with a long torso & long legs.
    Our 1stBichon lived 17.25 years. We hope we have Bella as long or longer. She makes us chuckle every day. My husband has stage IV melanoma. Bella makes him smile often. Dogs are a joy. I would recommend a chihuahua to anyone.

  13. Tami

    just so everyone knows I should have said this earlier, I have three little dogs the two oldest are two years old and they have a little baby that’s 2 months I couldn’t stand little dogs until I got the first one who was a birthday present to me from a very close friend because of his colors we call him macchiato he looks like caramel chocolate and cream he is a chiweenie, his girlfriend miata-mae is a pomchi they are my heart and soul I would not know what to do without them two months ago they had a puppy he looked like a fat little bear so that’s what we called him Bear, I do not want people/kids coming up to my dogs because they are very friendly and totally harmless and asking for kisses, my dogs do not know what kisses are but our secret code word is Baci’s and just hearing that word they will lick you to death, it means kisses in Italian they are the most atentative friendly fun loving dogs I have ever had in my entire life

  14. Tami

    I’ve got a question, my 2 year old chiweenie climbs in my lap and tries to stare me down, he’s about an inch away from my face, if i try to stare back at him he all of a sudden licks my face then takes off running like he’s flirting, what is it he’s trying to tell me?

  15. Amy close

    My little girl is called bonnie she is so clingey to me i cant ever move for her she is so adorable and me to do buy her clothes like its coz they look so adorable in them, the only problem i have with her is she does her buisness in her crate and dont know how to stop her no matter how many times i take her out before bed any one able to help me

  16. Doug

    We have 7. Yes , I said 7 !! Bought the first one 14 years ago (Cheetos), and she’s still a silly , young at heart , puppy. She acts like she’s 6 months old. All of the others are her kids & grandkids , with the exception of our oldest male who was a rescue. They are , by far , one of the best , most loving breeds I’ve ever owned. The next in line was a chocolate lab. Enjoy yalls babies !!!!

  17. Tania

    I have a 1 year old white boy called polo and a 9 week old blue fawn called buddy they are the most loving dog breed but hates strangers

  18. Tania

    I have a 1 year old white boy called polo and a 9 week old blue dawn called buddy they are the most loving dog breed but hates strangers

  19. Sydney V

    Vanessa D Overton -I felt the same way about my Emme. She does still occasionally have accidents but I found that she is a dog of routine. If I break her routine she breaks it too. So I have to be very diligent to walk her no later than 8:30 when I wake up and no later than 5:30 when I get home. If I’m with her for the day I also give her a walk between 1 and 2. It’s exhausting I agree but once I was super vigilant of keeping her schedule she was more confident and obedient. Emme surely had tested my patience…A LOT! She was 6 months when I got her and her litter had been gone for 2. She’s always been very loving with me and protective but I (and the breeder) think that time alone made her a little stubborn.

  20. Vanessa D Overton

    I got my Bailey at 4 wks, he’s now 4 months! He’s a total night mare !! The only peace I get is during his naps! Can’t get him potty trained. He gets into everything he shouldn’t! I’m 62 yrs old & at my wit’s end…. I’ve had to remove my carpet, plus remove other items . Please help!!!!!

  21. Sandi Trudel

    I just washed my little Chi and 2 hours later she smells. She is 9 years old a rescue, love her so much, just a love. But I have th bath her once a week… help!

  22. Hazel Hutchison

    My little chihuahua, has been with me since 8 wks,, she’s named Gidgit and is the best £500 I have ever spent.. so loyal and loving,,

  23. Diane

    My sweet Bell is my Princess. I have had her since she was able to leave her momma. I was blessed to get to meet her mom and dad. She was just so tiny. I love her to pieces. She’s always by my side. The hubby thinks I am silly to buy her clothes. I spoil her so much. She is not too good with certain people. If someone tries sitting next to me or touch me she growls at them. I don’t like when she does this to our Lil boys. She knows I don’t like it. I am so happy to have gotten her. She is now 11 years old.

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