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all my chihuahuas – all about chihuahuas, their health and happiness.  the home of lucy, a famous chihuahua from redondo beach, california.

i love my chi – a community where people who love chihuahuas can share their problems, heartbreaks, and the joys they have with their chibabies!

the world’s largest chihuahua facebook community! – share your chihuahua pictures with chihuahua lovers worldwide!

chihuahua clothes – shop for tiny do clothes, chihuahua outfits, accessories, collars, leashes and carriers! tiny dog clothes!

a chihuahua’s blog – life with a chihuahua, dog stuff for dog lovers and cute dog cartoons!

ramsey and pablo – how often do you see a doberman pincher buddy up with a chihuahua? ramsey the doberman and pablo the chihuahua are the best of friends, their site is must visit. famous chihuahua gives this site a two thumbs up and recommends it to all dog lovers!

tinkerbell and paris hilton – the life and times of 2 adopted celebrity chihuahuas living the diva lifestyle with their fabulous mommy, minx in the city. a 2 thumbs up from famous chihuahua!

the puppy dog blog – the life and times of jackson and patrick, two southern california chihuahuas! two thumbs up!

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teaka in famous chihuahua clothes!

teaka in famous chihuahua clothes!

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